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Bearing of first magnetism of Chinese comes out rotate speed is amounted to ever
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If you had taken the train of Shanghai magnetism in suspension that introduces German technology to build, the like greased lightning feeling that you meet most propbably be as high as 430 kilometers to bring to speed per hour and surprise. I should tell you today, china has turn up of own intellectual property, rotor first times 23000 ~ 27000 turn / the magnetism bearing of cent already came out in Fu Yang.

On January 7, give priority to the expert appraisal commission that assume to announce in Fuyang with Wang Yuming of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Research and development of technology of bearing of our country magnetism achieves major breakthrough, the crystallization of technology of in suspension of the first application magnetism of domestic -- be based on bearing of magnetism of pump of FS450 of alternate feedback pilot element, be in " China 500 strong civilian battalion enterprise " the research and development of limited company of Zhejiang v science and technology of subordinate of group of Zhejiang flying rainbow is successful, thereby the technical monopoly that with one action broke abroad, the magnetism bearing that own intellectual property owns after making our country becomes a few developed country such as afterwards France, United States, Canada, Germany makes technical state.

"Magnetism bearing, call active magnetism in suspension bearing again, it is afterwards after oil-lubricated, gas is lubricant, of bearing industry again revolutionary change. " Wang Yuming academician says, magnetism bearing is the new-style high-powered bearing that contacts without machinery between a kind of rotor and stator, use electromagnetism power in suspension of action general rotor at the space, if,be in form leave position namely, have without mechanical wear, specific power consumption low, allow rotate speed little, life grows tall, noise, wait for an advantage without lubricant medium. Current, the whole world produces per year a quantity to be controlled for 30 thousand only.

This kind of accurate Electromechanical unifinication product, besides outside applying in vacuum element pump, still wait for a domain to having wide perspective in petrifaction of aviation of war industry, spaceflight, oil, the sources of energy. Accordingly, magnetism bearing technology belongs to sensitive technology in the world, to main applied field, the developed country has exit to restrict to our country, mean the cost with the biggest flower to will surely be not bought.

By general manager of limited company of Zhejiang v science and technology Hong Shenping is the group of research and development of project controller, it is technical backing with Tsinghua university nuclear energy and academy of technology of new energy resources, take the lead in in home the bearing of molecular pump magnetism that research and development succeeded to apply to integrated circuit equipment to apply. As we have learned, the principle of bearing of magnetism of several elements pump of research and development of v science and technology prototype already passed the try out of the user, next technology that they will develop batch to produce study, realize industrialization as soon as possible.
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