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EMAG company is rolled out small-sized dish treatment of kind of spare parts nic
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Component volume is minorrer and minorrer, and accurate sex demand is higher and higher however. To comply with the development demand of this kind of trend, EMAG company research and development modular VG 110 of machine tool series.
Machine tool of type of VG series handstand is EMAG company it is treatment only small-sized design with especially small-sized workpiece.
VG 110 is a production uses grinding machine, use at batch to machine tall nice spare parts, can the circle inside implementation is ground, outside the circle is ground, blame circle is ground and the combination of good car grinding machines craft. The machine tool covers an area of an area to have 5.3m2 only, can machine workpiece diameter to be 2 ~ 60mm, but the workpiece length of clamp is 125mm, length of the biggest treatment is 60mm.
The structural characteristic of the machine tool
The lathe bed of VG series machine tool is become by advanced polymer mould, have thermal stability the characteristic with good, aseismatic strong sex. X axis and Z axis are apart, when processing small-sized work so, treatment precision is very tall. Vertical Z axis by drive of linear electric machinery, because of this grinding main shaft string use range fast and short. Decorate in vertical machine tool in, the X axis that having conclusive effect to machining precision breaks away from a treatment area. Measure systematic resolution extremely tall, and installation is in in the position that is apart from treatment area to have 100mm only, the treatment precision of the machine tool can achieve 0.5 ~ 1mm.
Main shaft of frequency conversion alternating current regards workpiece as main shaft, have weight the characteristic with light, big torque, so the machine tool is moved sense is good. The journey as a result of the machine tool small, speed is tall, rigid big, have again inside system of the main shaft of report of cooling system refrigeration of buy type, grinding main shaft, linear drive and electric ark, accordingly, machine of manufacturing process Central Africa handling time is extremely short, manufacturing efficiency is tall, it is good that precision maintains a gender. In addition, after the E axis that on knife tower configuration can rotate, return the bending that can compensate club of emery wheel core.
What this product has is modular machine tool structure, make an user OK still need to assemble different cutting tool according to different treatment. VG series machine tool can use the configuration that differs below: Configure 1 or 2 inside the circle grinds main shaft; Configure 1 inside round or outside the circle grinds main shaft and a lathe tool.
VG series machine tool uses Xi Menzi SINUMERIK 840D to control a system, cooperate EMAG him company the software of research and development, use simple, brought for process designing and operation convenient.
Expect time is short up and down
Reduce fluctuation to expect time is right shorten for handling time, very important. When VG series machine tool is machining especially small-sized spare parts, the makings on proper motion of workpiece main shaft needs 1.5s only, rate is very rapid. And the work that cannot carry by oneself to main shaft, will send makings orgnaization to send treatment the area work through, carry its clamping apparatus position by a lifting platform next. Fluctuation makings time because of clamping apparatus differ and distinguish somewhat, it is commonly in 4s.
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