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Tianjin good faith rolls out small modulus arc to age tine of bevel gear mill ma
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Machine tool of Tianjin good faith made limited company rolled out arc of YH20603G small modulus to age tine of bevel gear mill machines transfer matic recently, this product line is aged by mill of tine of arc of two YH603G numerical control axis of a machine, rectangular coordinates expects to expect the storehouse is comprised on manipulator and vibration up and down, apply to the industry big batch such as dynamoelectric tool, appearance, sewing machine to produce bevel gear of tine of small modulus arc. The spare parts production program that manufacturing metre can offer by the user is designed technically. It is reported, the cutting parameter that this product line asks by craft is adjusted after finishing, the automation that can enter unmanned operation produces a program, set manufacturing management function, can selective examination by metre of treatment of user set spare parts, quality frequency second, change a knife the premonitory spare parts that finish processes second makings and wool preform storehouse, feed in raw material automatically. In the meantime, product line sets multinomial and safe safeguard.

Gear of sector of YK5612 numerical control inserts tine machine (Tianjin total factory of the first machine tool) the gear of sector of 3 axes numerical control of feed of radial of   department pillar inserts tine machine, it is the sector gear that rocker arm shaft of speed ratio, gearshift comparing and bosomy form tine decides to go up in be being used technically at car steering gear to make an industry machine all sorts of car steering gear, suit big batch production to use especially. The machine tool is fore-and-aft layout, lathe bed, pillar, tool carrier, workbench all has good structure and transmission tigidity, assure the high accuracy of the machine tool, high reliability and low noise. Advocate motion uses structure of reciprocate of ram of tall tigidity of pilot of infinitely variable speeds of frequency conversion electromotor, resemble block minutely stroke number can pass process designing of numerical control system to control, can realize automatic changeover. Cutting tool is used comb knife form. The machine tool uses the double roller cam of optimal curve to allow knife construction, can achieve the exercise letting a knife of accurate, stable, low noise. Use pillar dumper compose, realize tine of tall rigid taper to machine; Ram reciprocate is used puissant and lubricant, workbench uses time ration to lubricate; System of large flow cooling fluid can assure the macrobian life of the stability of machine tool precision and cutting tool. The hydraulic pressure pumping station that the machine tool provides independence and safety are sealed the electric control ark that can configure air conditioning. Safe, applicable defend completely buy, it is good to can inspect a gender, the operation is convenient, facilitating maintenance. Gear-hobbing machine of Y31125CN6 numerical control (factory of Chongqing machine tool)     Y31125CN6 is 6 axle control, a main shaft, 5 servo axis, four-axle linkage; With the cent when electronic catenary finishs angrily tine moves, differential compensation, feed compensation; With chastening, keen-witted and capable design thought, use the shortest transmission cable length and reliable transmission means, realize the characteristic with compact, efficient, reliable machine tool; The respect such as tigidity of journey of knife of diameter of knife of machine tool outfit, change, tool carrier reachs level of foreign congener machine tool. The workbench of this machine tool uses the deputy transmission of double worm double worm wheel of high accuracy, eliminate transmission gap, assure the requirement that cutting of big negative charge machines; Workbench is used static press bearing bearing, have very tall move, static tigidity, this are static the principle that presses bearing to use constant current to offer oil, this are static the spare parts size that approachs bearing demand of precision of big, treatment is high; Use the guide of hard steel of temper by dipping in water of old plane, use roll slideway piece brings to bear on to increase negative charge beforehand, in order to satisfy the high rigid demand of the machine tool; Use solder lathe bed structure. 5 number of axle of YS3118CNC5 control gear-hobbing machine (factory of Chongqing machine tool)
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