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Electric machinery of precision fixed position appears new measure -- Beijialail
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To driver, efficient mechanical design and compact external dimension are the basic standard that provides great flexibility. The application that the electric machinery of synchronism of three-phase of new-style 8LT series that Bei Jialai company rolls out is high level of equipment and systematic manufacturer asked to offer compact model solution. Its outstanding dynamic performance and essence allow fixed position to be able to help an user master easily, even if is the most difficult task.
Work to there are two kinds of normses in the electric machinery below big torque condition continuously, they offer the refrigeration outside be being mixed from refrigeration two kinds come loose hot means. Smallish, compact model the requirement that electric machinery can eliminate bevel gear below a lot of circumstances. As a result of its electric machinery yuan the special design of parts of an apparatus, make all electric machinery avoid Yu Wei to protect.

Bei Jialai is compact model big torque electric machinery

Electric machinery of this kind of big torque, limits of voltage of its power supply is 400- 480VAC, rated power is 0.11- 21kW, can relaxed and compositive in a variety of application. If the stall torque of electric machinery is in 50 to 900Nm between, can have quite great rated power.

Those who be used at reliable knowledge to fasten is embedded parameter chip
All torque electric machinery deserve to have embedded parameter chip, assured all equipment data thereby without seam join. Use compositive chip, can read the information with take and register data of number of such as serial, model, manufacturer to wait important automatically. Accordingly, the person that use need not move component can identify easily.

About Beijialai
Bei Jialai (B&R) industrial automation is a firm of global automation lead, major devotes oneself to technology of innovation automation forward position, headquarters is located in Austria, already was in at present 60 countries created the whole world branch, have 155 agency. "Perfect automation " with " your global automation partner " the mission that is automation of Bei Jialai industry and pursuit.
In August 1996, automation of Bei Jialai industry (Shanghai) limited company is formal settle China Shanghai, the sale that this locality turns and masterly technical team are brought for Chinese client more the service of fast is answered. Come ten years, bei Jialai (China) dedicated all the time at providing high quality automation the whole line for domestic user the product is mixed outstanding technical solution. Nowadays, bei Jialai's product and plan apply extensively already at mechanical automation domain, if pack, presswork, the industry such as drink of plastic, spin, food, machine tool, semiconductor, pharmacy; And process automation domain, wait for an industry like electric power, metallurgy, municipal, traffic, oil, chemical industry and cement. Current, bei Jialai (China) already established Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Xi'an, Chengdu and Shenyang agency, shanghai and each agency built complete technology to groom center, and distributing to combine a lab in countrywide university.
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