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Advance in the van of standard of automatic transmission industrialization to g
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"Although our country car is automatic transmission (AMT) all previous classics 20 old development, again and again of scientific research achievement, but regretful is, up to now, the AMT research and development of our country own brand still stays in prototype phase, have not form industrialization, major automatic transmission is imported from abroad. ”在前不久由齿轮专业协会与中国汽车工程学会齿轮加工委员会共同主办的“汽车AMT(自动机械变速器)产业化标准及实验室研讨会”上, tine assist secretary-general Wang Shengtang points out our country car is automatic transmission industrialization process is difficult. And of this seminar hold no less than he is said: "Be about to adopt relevant technology standard namely make and the industrialization course that builds automatic transmission lab to promote our country own brand. "

Prospect of automatic transmission market is wide

According to tine assist its introduce deputy secretary-general Li Cheng, the car is automatic transmission relatively the hand moves transmission to having very big advantage, it is the development direction of transmission of this century car. At present automatic transmission is divided infinitely variable speeds and hydraulic are electronic-controlled and electronic-controlled and mechanical, mechanical 3 kinds. AMT is belonged to electronic-controlled enginery, be in namely MT (mechanical transmission) on the foundation, increase ASCS (automatic shift gears controls a system) of composition. ASCS by actuator of small controller pilot (hydraulic pressure, atmospheric pressure or electric machinery) composition, with electronic-controlled hydraulic pressure (baric) or electric machinery orgnaization replaces manpower to control clutch and choose shift gears orgnaization, realize the automatic gearshift function of the car thereby.

Li Cheng its think, AMT has the function of automatic shift gears because of its, can enhance life of clutch, synchronized and security of drive a vehicle considerably, and withheld efficiency of drive of transmission of traditional machinery having class tall, bulk small, orgnaization is simple, use reliable, make easily, low, fuel uses up cost to be mixed less safeguard use cost to use low and a lot of good point, fit our country national condition particularly. It is especially below the action of requirement of current high environmental protection and pressure of high oil price, AMT has very wide market perspective, also be transmission of our country car is produced, learn, grinding priority discipline.

In recent years, as the flying development of our country auto industry, the market demand of automatic transmission expands ceaselessly, 2006, only the entrance forehead of automatic transmission is as high as the car 1.637 billion dollar, nearly 50% what occupy gear product to import the specified amount, although return,did not see specific statistic data 2007, but estimation of the expert inside course of study, this one word should be in above of 2 billion dollar.
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