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Component of first equipment line of business imports taxation privilege policy
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Learned from the Ministry of finance a few days ago, the country rises from January 1, 2007, the import tariff of component place pay and import segment value added tax execute the partial key that imports for air-jet loom of development, production high speed and automatic winding machine to domestic company to be asked for first regressive, place drawback money invests processing as the country, turn for national capital gold, basically use at the development production of company new product and construction of own innovation ability.

According to policy regulation, the date that will accept an enterprise to declare an entrance with custom about the branch is accurate, whether can the relevant component that cognizance home company imports enjoy import revenue to collect regressive pay first.

Carry out to coordinate afore-mentioned policy, the country executes drawback in crucial to the entrance component while, cancel to import overall duty-free policy accordingly. Since July 1, 2007, the country is right the inside and outside of new approval endowment the automatic winding machine that the project imports all norms (the except of form of couplet of fine sth resembling a net) with air-jet loom uniform stop to carry out an entrance duty-free policy. As transitional measure, since July 1, 2007, automatic to all norms winding machine and air-jet loom execute duty tax rate to be the year of 0 provisional tax rate.

As we have learned, the limits of new-style spin machinery that automatic winding machine and air-jet loom all belong to the State Council to decide, also be current spin industry upgrades imperative key equips.

The basis enjoys the entrance component catalog of drawback policy, share machine of spin of 10 kinds of entrances crucial component can obtain import tariff and value added tax to collect regressive pay first. If local enterprise needs to import crucial component, can pass enterprise seat to provincial people government or department of the finance that be the same as class put forward to apply for to enjoy drawback to the Ministry of finance and turn the policy that adds national capital gold, central enterprise can offer application to the Ministry of finance directly.

The Ministry of finance says about chief, regard fundamental sex as the industry, at present production domain of our country equipment innovates independently ability is weaker, external depend on sb or sth for existence spends structure of taller, industry competition ability of not quite reasonable, international is not strong wait for a problem to be highlighted quite. To increase capacity of the core competition ability of our country enterprise and own innovation, the development of stimulative equipment manufacturing industry, this year in January, hair of the Ministry of finance, country changes appoint, total bureau of Wu of tax of customs total office, state combines print and distribute " accelerate those who revitalize equipment manufacturing industry about fulfilling the State Council the announcement that a certain number of opinions concern import revenue policy " . Announcement regulation, upgrade to structural adjustment, industry, inside the field of key of great technology equipment that enterprise innovation has active belt to move action, change jointly with national hair by the Ministry of finance appoint wait for division system to decide policy of special import revenue, it is the development, part key that make these equipment and imports to domestic company the import tariff of the pay of raw material place that component and home cannot produce and import segment value added tax are executed ask for first regressive. Stop at the same time corresponding and overall the entrance that reachs whole set of equipment is duty-free policy.
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