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Policy and demand push litre of mechanical industry Gao Jing to enrage continuo
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Bad news of mechanical industry other people, specific power consumption is reduced, charge of unit of product gets be controllinged effectively, new product research and development is accelerated further. Visible, industry oneself competition ability promotes ceaselessly is the in-house element that our country mechanical industry grows quickly. But the adjusting control policy of the main factor that drives mechanical industry to enter tall boom area or driving demand and government.
Yin Lianxin analyses:
Governmental adjusting control issues driving mechanical industry requirement
One, our country industry grows the current situation
1, industry profit rises steadily
Development of mechanical first half of the year industry waves all the way red. 136 can appear on the market than mechanical industry the company realizes income in all first half of the year one hundred and forty-three billion eight hundred and sixty-seven million yuan, grow 33.02% compared to the same period; Come true advocate battalion profit twenty-five billion one hundred and forteen million yuan, grow 30.72% compared to the same period; Net profit ten billion nine hundred and one million yuan,
2, produce and sale joins good
2007 1-8 month, production of countrywide machinist industry shows fast stability to rise situation, production, sale is added fast continue to maintain in 32% above, new product development is accelerated continuously, product sale rate is achieved inside year higher level, produce and sale joins good.
1-8 month, entire industry finishs gross value of industrial output in all four thousand five hundred and forty-six billion seven hundred and eighty-three million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 32.21% ; Entire industry achieves sale production value four thousand four hundred and sixteen billion seven hundred and twenty-six million yuan, grow 32.24% compared to the same period. From this year each months of total production value and sale production value are added fast look, manufacturing sale lasts 8 months grow quickly steadily, although will be mixed in July in August increasing ratio June somewhat fall after a rise, but add fast still maintain in 32% above.
Mechanical in August industry increases a value to grow 23.2% compared to the same period, slow down of the month on increasing ratio 0.4 percent. Car output grows 21.7% , among them car output grows 17.1% . Numerical control machine tool and generate electricity equipment output grows respectively 33.8% with 33.2% , solid litter handles equipment crop to grow 80% . Car output 5.93 million, grow 24% ; Among them, car 3.19 million, grow 25.3% . Generate electricity equipment crop 81.56 million kilowatt, grow 16.2% , among them the water turbogenerator grows 68.1% .
In August, rate of mechanical product production and marketing is