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Company of air conditioning compressor raises again can effect standard is diff
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2009 air conditioning can effect is about to upgrade, be in actually freezer product domain, we saw likewise can of effect standard upgrade, extent promotion also has 20% , but result and air conditioning differ completely, freezer enterprise accepted such upgrading joyfullyingly, having a very main reason among them is freezer compressor manufacturer can think freezer is overall the compressor that the enterprise offers taller COP to be worth. Comparative this one circumstance, we very naturally thought of, face air conditioning can of effect upgrade, how many force can manufacturer of air conditioning compressor contribute again? In interview the author just discovers, begin from 2004 earlier even previously, air conditioning compressor is in all the time busy for overall and efficient thing, to nowadays they also have a word to want to say!

Beautiful Zhi: Want to raise compressor COP, basically have way of two kinds of technologies, one kind is to improve efficiency of compressor electric machinery, this technology difficulty is relatively lesser, but fall in the setting with at present rising price of cupreous material, rolled steel, can raise compressor considerably overall cost; One kind is to raise compressor to compress a part (mechanical part) work efficiency, comparatively, cost rises less, but technical development difficulty is very great, development cycle is longer also.

Because what freezer compressor uses cold intermediary,arrive by R12 switch R134A, bigger to increasing the contribution of COP, but air conditioning compressor returns cold intermediary of not comprehensive switch at present, basically pass system of air conditioning heat exchanger and compressor system to optimize so match combination to rise, raise compressor COP to raise air conditioning effectively can effect, but have certain limit, will tell from technical angle, compressor industry still has certain space to promote compressor COP at present, this also is the central issue of competition of a technology that at present compressor produces manufacturer.

Below the pine: The way that raises COP of air conditioning compressor to be worth basically includes: The improvement that waits to electric machinery technology, refrigeration technology, material technology, engineering technology. Each compressor manufacturer carry high-energy effect to compare in effort, annual each compressor manufacturer is in roll out more efficient product ceaselessly, in order to get used to client demand, should passing effort to carry high-energy effect to compare on original basis only is possible.

Ling Da: Those who adopt pump housing structure optimize improve improve cubage efficiency, optimize a design to improve electric machinery efficiency through electric machinery, spare parts precision rises reduce loss, union of a few respects achieves the goal that raises compressor to do physical ability effect, dan Dingpin air conditioning relies on completely to compress functional effect to rise will achieve
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