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New tax machinery of home of politics force hurried equips own research and dev
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Create the market environment of an as fair as entrance product competition to give homebred equipment, the Ministry of finance issued concerned announcement on January 23, to domestic equipment production enterprise is development, make large strip mine shovelling equipment of type grab and large coal excavate with machinery and the import tariff of pay of the partial key component of the entrance, raw material place and import segment value added tax are executed ask for first regressive, stop at the same time corresponding and overall the entrance that reachs whole set of equipment is duty-free policy. This policy Cong Mou is planted on degree, own research and development can be reduced inside certain period the cost pressure of large and homebred equipment, mechanism of mine machine, coal builds enterprise general from which benefit.
Yin Lianxin analyses:
Actual strength of technical research and development decides future expands latent capacity
One, our country industry grows the current situation
7 years mechanical industry maintained the good momentum of a rapid development, month of 7 years of 1-8, machinist job (outside dividing automobile industry) achieve sales revenue 55, 14.6 billion yuan, grow 30.4% compared to the same period; Realize gain 320.2 billion yuan, grow 40.6% compared to the same period, prep above average gain adds the industrial company of 37% fast. Among them sales revenue increase rate exceeded the fractionize trade such as fittings of industry of tool of machine of metallic shipping manufacturing industry, project, machine tool, railroad 35% , profit increase rate exceeded 50% . Petrifaction and current equipment, heavy-duty the profit that makes a trade with engine of mine machinery, railroad is added fast also exceeded 40% .
Export growth rate is rapidder. 1-10 month exports amount to achieve 1.679 trillion yuan, grow 29.5% compared to the same period. Among them the exit of project machine and metallic shipping manufacturing industry is added fast achieved respectively 93.7% with 49.9% , petrifaction is general, heavy-duty of industry of mine, machine tool add fast exceeded 30% .
The contribution that new product increases to gross value of industrial output is larger. Month of 7 years of 1-10, production value of new product of whole and mechanical industry grows 34.8% compared to the same period, exceeded total production value to add fast, the proportion that new product holds total production value is achieved 12.7% . Among them engine of project machine, railroad is made, metallic shipping is made, aviation is made, mechanical foundation, the rate of new product growth of heavy-duty mine and industry of machine tool tool is rapidder, exceeded 40% .
According to the statistical data of mechanical Joint Industry Conference, 2007 1-10 month, mechanical industry realizes gross value of industrial output five thousand eight hundred and forty-six billion and ninety-eight million yuan, grow 31.91% compared to the same period; Up to 7 years October, machinist job is already successive the growth rate that 58 months carried 18% above () of mechanical gross value of industrial output, machinist job had entered cycle of a rapid development.
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