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Luo Xun: Newest cutting tool coating develops
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From 1970 most the PVD coating technology that the CVD TiN/TiC/ TiCN that uses first begins to 1980, contemporary coating technology applies already extensively now to cutting tool, mould, component and adornment product. Use coating technology to be able to improve service life of cutting cutting tool effectively, make cutting tool acquires admirable integrated and mechanical property, improve machining efficiency substantially thereby.

Accordingly, the 3 old crucial techniques that coating technology and material, cutting machines craft one case and call cutting cutting tool to create a field. Relative to the TiC that applies extensively now, TiCN, CrN, TiAlN, TiAlCN, rely on sexual requirement to efficient, high accuracy, Gao Ke to satisfy contemporary machining, the coating technology of next generation will develop to high-powered coating technology, ionbond (Aienbangde) one of suppliers that regard the whole world as the largest PVD/CVD/PACVD/CVA coating facility and coating service, the high-powered coating of the newest generation that its develop is aimed at high-grade cutting tool technically, especially hard alloy cutting tool; Quantity of the high accuracy of contemporary CNC machine tool, high speed, big cutting machines cutting tool; Do cutting; Efficient the circumstance such as production of treatment, big batch. High-powered coating is in Aienbangde there is very good show on bore knife, milling cutter and gear hob.

The compound coating that be aimed at bore knife and develops (TiN DLC, tiCN DLC, alTiN DLC) DLC coating is added on the foundation of original coating (kind diamond coating) , get very slick surface thereby, reduce coefficient of friction, from go up at all the happening of the appearance of discharge bits problem and causes out of tolerance of bore diameter dimension in solving deep Kong Jia to be versed in. The Ionbond SuperAlTiN that Aienbangde develops can reduce treatment torque 50% above, improve the performance of cutting tool greatly thereby, ionbond Hardcut is based on TiSi coating material, be aimed at the high speed cutting that processes data forcedly, hard.
The high-powered coating application on hob has Aienbangde contain Si high-powered coating, be more than 120m/min technically in the light of treatment speed, ask the gear hobbing that high speed, efficient batch produces is machined. IonBond TopGear coating does cutting in the light of high speed; IonBond TuffGear coating is aimed at in requirement coating. In the test of treatment of dry cutting gear hobbing that is 180m/min in speed of a group of treatment, number of average AlTiN fertile gear is 980 / the knife, and number of gear of Ionbond TopGear fertile is 2000, cutting tool life raised 1 times.
Coating manufacturer should be on the foundation of state of parameter of the product application that knows a client adequately, demand, treatment, equipment, offer the coating parameter design that the client changes according to actual condition of the client, develop the property of coating to the greastest extent thereby, reach the optimal life of cutting tool, strengthen the communication with the client and cooperation, serving in actual coating is very important in the process.
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