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Li Yejun: Let Chinese die-casting technology and world synchronism
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The limited company of science and technology of close accurate die-casting of Yi is one holds water mere enterprise of 3 years. 3 years between, yi Zhi is close rise abruptly quickly, industry says for " the close phenomenon of Yi " .

Devote into die-casting career

Guangdong suitable heart is one of areas that China has economic energy most. By 2004, the limited company of science and technology of close accurate die-casting of Yi is born here.

Return closely when Yi Zhi be in preparatory phase, chen Jing money got acquainted with president to have the Li Yejun of master's degree of industrial and commercial management. The entrepreneur elegant demeanour that Li Yejun shows, making Chen Jing money maintains Li Yejun is the controller that he needs, before long hind the general manager of the close company that invites her to take up the post of Yi with respect to force.

Right now Li Yejun is in some aerospace company holds the position of Henan general manager, the rise that is worth a career period, the career that should abandon be being accomplished somewhat goes developing brand-new field, it is a very big challenge to her. Good faith place comes, inscriptions is. The sincerity of Chen Jing money makes her be touched very, she begins to develop a state to become thorough knowledge to industry of die casting machine, devote into the thought at Chinese die-casting career to mature in her heart, after at the expiration of one's term of office of lieutenancy of former company general manager, she took up the post of the close general manager of Yi.

Market of develop of additional monarch path

Accurate die casting machine belongs to the mechanical equipment with technical high content, domain of high-grade machine, heavy-duty machine is had by foreign company place all the time, the product of domestic most company is centered in profit relative to less low end domain. Although whole industry has very wide market perspective, but should from 0 begin and position is occupied in the market, close to the Yi Zhi that just holds water it is enormous challenge.

The Li Yejun that once had become sale section chief and market chief inspector made market survey carefully, be aware of bead although trigonometry has demand of very big market of die casting machine, also be tycoon of industry of die casting machine's main sale distribution location. If go undertaking the market is popularized with traditional method and thinking, be sure to cause the direct competition with them, this to just holding water before long Yi Zhi is close for as good as at throw egg against rock.

Li Yejun knows well greatly this, only additional monarch paths to just may be in the market enter give a heaven and earth to come. Through careful survey and integration analysis, the key that they decide finally to develop the market is put in long triangle and area of river short for Zhejiang Province, the area with Chinese most active economy also is over there, also be adversary consequence at the same time relative to weaker place, earlier to developing Yi Zhi is told closely is the ground that chooses surely.
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