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New interview way develops Zhan Chun " span the Great Wall "
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Will be in on August 5 " the world and market " column with in the front article of the front page. , published reporter Sala Kelisidaerdi (Sara Cristaldi) the biggest to heretofore Italy buy of the case in square leading role -- medium president of couplet heavy division holds presiding apparitor concurrently Zhan Chun is new, the couplet in saying Italy is weighs the touchstone of division internationalization strategy.

Let be honorable European enterprise in order to make world top class brand, accept " small carry on one's shoulder just shows pointed pointed character " China is made for a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, really commendable. And in buying CIFA process, couplet weighs person of family control door in Zhan Chun is new with its oriental easy, Confucianism elegant and send and receive have spent ability and actual strength, won the recognition of Italian medium, gave up thereby the Italian is made to China " ancestry " doubt and bad-mouth.

On August 5, with " Italy is medium the touchstone that couplet heavy division pursues internationalization strategy " for the problem, with length of 3 full page, the Chinese entrepreneur Zhan Chun that stands in globalization height first is new, thick Mo Chongcai introduces Italian people. Yesterday, the reporter holds the manuscript in reading this story that is stationed in Italian diplomatic mission to offer by China in both hands, between the lines theres is no lack of the appreciation of pair of China enterprises and entrepreneur, read will make popular feeling strange proud.

One, " 3 communism " the specimen

To till this year before June, the Italian is almost bright those who have hearing is medium couplet heavy division, local media with " Chinese celebrity enterprise " appellation this new friend, and be opposite it of Italian CIFA company buy, limit course of study of the state-owend enterprise in be to be in Europe the 2nd, Italian first buys the operation, future of the couplet in evaluating this action to will be is other buy the action provide experience.

In the report, the reporter says she saw a main Chinese business steers a boat the globalization concept in person eye reachs his to span the Great Wall (meaning for the trend abroad, participate in international to compete -- translator is noted) old bouncing formula develops, heavy division of the couplet in saying is Chinese government is advocated " go " industry pioneer of the strategy. Her cite " forum signs up for international pioneer " for " the toy that Chinese company satisfies at making low technology, low cost, small profit no longer, pen, dress and other and cheap the product produces business, however up ascend value catenary, ultimate challenge world is the greatest enterprise, strive for business, client, actual strength and admit to spend " and the new statement that make -- China " 3 communism " (the producer type that points to China upgrades) , will medium couplet heavy division buys CIFA to regard bright living specimen as. Well-known, producer type of China upgrades to helping Chinese enterprise borrow this ichthyosaur to change, become the locomotive that drives global economy progress.
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