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Yang Xuetong: For the success of contest of skill of the 3rd numerical control
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-- the speech that Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference carries out vice-chairman Yang Xuetong to make an appointment with ceremonially in contest autograph

Each each each leader, guest, friend of journalism:

Very glad to attend today's working conference and autograph to arrange a ceremony, above all mechanical Joint Industry Conference of my representing China expresses congratulation to the conference, undertake to what the autograph makes an appointment with today unit and each assist do an unit to express devoir and acknowledgment!

Contest of numerical control skill already all previous classics 4 years, held 2, we began the 3rd contest 2008, give finals change Beijing, hold outerly for the first time, this is the need that the contest admits ceaselessly, also be the contest gets each respect self-identity, support and gay indicate. Each assist what the support that handles an unit to express palpability to just face mechanical industry to develop each to the support of the contest, logarithm controls a career is cordial and equip to our country manufacturing industry foreground is confident.

Our country machinist job is the mainest component of equipment manufacturing industry, the total production value of our country machinist job was achieved 2007 7.4 trillion, raise a cost 1.9 trillion, take countrywide industry respectively 23% with 15.8% , the main product output of our country machinist job has occupied world front row, among them 40% the left and right sides reachs world advanced level, 20% mastered crucial core technology, numerical control machine tool faces raw material to rise in price in current range, labour cost rises, consume total demand somewhat below the adverse situation of slow down, still maintained exuberant growth momentum. This year 1, total output of numerical control machine tool will achieve 53 thousand in May, grow 17.81% compared to the same period, although amplitude somewhat fall after a rise but still belong to perch to move, the 2nd ranks outside the car is removed in machinist job.

Structure of product of industry of our country numerical control is optimized ceaselessly, technical content increases apparent, annual the production of the machine tool of high-grade numerical control such as linkage of high spirit, high speed, 5 axes exceeds 1000. Marine the international such as treatment of impeller of crankshaft, large lamina, whole is difficult those who spend component make, our country can rely on the numerical control equipment of own intellectual property to undertake machining. The numerical control machine tool of our country is in new history to develop level.

The development of numerical control career needs large quantities of senior skill talented people, the success of numerical control contest is held is a certain number of opinions that fulfil a country to develop about equipment manufacturing industry and the concrete step that concern the file spirit of high skill talent. Each assist the strong support that runs an unit is one of crucial factors that this contest holds successfully, everybody all is the official of have rendered great service, we express admiration greatly to this, chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference prepares to undertake commending to supporting the unit of the contest 3 years continuously.
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