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Yu Zhen: Ensure project of great technology equipment is developed
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"In Tang Jiashan barrier lake digs the urgent hour of diversion chamfer, russia expedited meter of 26 helicopter with the largest loading capacity on two current worlds to come round to assist. After Russia air man reachs the spot, put forward, need 16 swing the wire rope of heavy equipment, aseismatic headquarters providing disaster relief decides by China the 2 manufacturing jobs that finish 8 wire rope severally with another enterprise again.

And after Russia air man has seen the product of two enterprises, express, only duplicate product accords with a requirement, the product of another enterprise cannot be used. Then, 2 heavy the same night organize a worker to work overtime, drive again made 8 wire rope, assured the emergencies of construction of engineering of chamfer of diversion of barrier lake of Home Tang hill, also showed the engineering capability of our country machinist job and level. Also showed the engineering capability of our country machinist job and level..

This one conte that chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference tells about at precious, aim to be sure those are in the mechanical company that this the expression in aseismatic fight providing disaster relief highlights, and aseismatic providing disaster relief was recently hold one of themes that Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference saved informal discussion of city industry work 2008.

Yu Zhen is the theme of this conference certainly -- , hold to two tactics to catch, capture aseismatic the comprehensive victory that provides disaster relief to develop with machinist job, this is natural also the working key of second half of the year of couplet of the machine in becoming.

Lash-up uses a capacity neither of production of strong mechanical company providing disaster relief by accident

In this aseismatic process providing disaster relief, the achievement that stricken be hit by a natural adversity enterprise saves oneself to help each other with industry business is lifted lift deeply, be alled to report by of all kinds media. Regard machinist job as the senior personage of the domain, yu Zhen undertook an analysis to among them typical company.

The limited company of Oriental electric machinery that is located in De Yang is offerring manpower, material resources in time to assist east steam while, expand production hard. This year first half of the year, 51.54% what this company finishs gross value of industrial output to reach year of plan, finish generate electricity equipment is integrated crop 37 (set) in all twelve million four hundred and five thousand five hundred kilowatt, realizing industry to raise a cost is year end 57.83% , 84.65% what goods of new revise and enlarge reachs year of plan.

Be located in company of group of machine tool of general assorted peaceful river is before calamity, make sure supply agreement honors the agreement on time, send 6 machining center to company of Sichuan red Pu on schedule; Punctual finished 3 delivery jobs of Baotou city of machining center; Active group person visits an user to heart in relief and other places, help machine tool of damage of rush to repair; Of base of production of form a complete set of industry of machine tool of peaceful river of assorted of the general that start the project rebuilds after calamity of river lasher city.
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