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Close machine tool of Shenyang of Xi Youzhang helm to strive 5 years to realize
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On May 30, 2008, ministry of organization of Shenyang municipal Party committee is in Shenyang machine tool (group) announce on congress of cadre of finite liability company, group company general manager involves secretary of president of Xi Youren office, Party committee.

To Shenyang machine tool hold the post of palm door Guan Xiyou newly, total a secretary in charge of sth of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool grows Wu Bailin evaluation to say: "Nature field, he has two characteristics: Deal with concrete matters relating to work, dovish; Ability respect, he is technical one's previous experience, but perfectness also management, belong all-round talented person; Having again is popularity very good. Having again is popularity very good..

Guan Xiyou, was born in March 1964, was graduated from machinery of the university that be the same as aid to be versed in Cheng fastens mechanical production major in July 1988, the seventeen big delegate of the party, government of the State Council is special and subsidiary gainer. He expresses, guide Shenyang machine tool to come true to be the comprehensive transition of central organization and management with the client, the company comes true after striving to be in 5 years " internationalization, world-class " strategic goal, it is the issue that after he takes office as president, wants to work most.

The trend of global economic integration and goal of strategy of Shenyang machine tool stand really, posed grim challenge to the ability level of manager layer, guan Xiyou thinks, urgent affairs is change management concept. The management concept of the enterprise wants by the technology model, engineering capability to originality model, technical service change; By attention cost pilot product is managed, manage to the product that pays close attention to profit pattern, capital is managed, change of brand management unifinication; By prominent production dominant position, product advantage, with the organization that ego gives priority to and management, to outstanding capital dominant position, mode advantage, it is central organization and administrative change with the client; Of compositive company " good actual strength " with " soft actual strength " , form the commercial pattern that has great market to obtain capability. Guan Xiyou still emphasizes, be in " good fast, already big strong " in management guiding principle, "Good " it is quality of reflective whole operation, "Fast " it is to point to development speed, "Big " it is to point to operation, "Strong " it is to point to product level, face domestic international economic situation and internationalization market competition, this is the only choice of Shenyang machine tool.