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Silver Qingdao Buffett unveiled four series of planetary gear Bauma
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November 23, 2010 -26, Qingdao silver Buffett to "create a planetary gear national brand" for the exhibition theme, walking bring the company independently developed reducer, rotary gear, hoisting gear, drive reducer four Shanghai BMW series debut this show. During the exhibition, the company won domestic and international OEM products, trading companies, agents and other professional audience acclaim and praise, receiving hundreds of domestic and foreign customers, intentions orders amounted to million. Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao Silver Buffett, is mainly engaged in construction machinery gear box and parts of the development, production, sales and repair operations. Since its inception, has always insisted on "the pursuit of advanced ideas, and create top-quality, persist in reform and innovation to meet the needs of the community," the quality, innovation, customers need to develop and produce high quality products, and excellent cost-effective and convenient service, has won domestic and international customers. Planetary gear companies use the principle of self-development and production of large torque, large gear ratio planetary reduction gear box, its performance is inferior to the quality of foreign brands in the industry, widely used by customers cranes, mining machinery, transport machinery, petroleum machinery, road machinery, port machinery, and wind power and other industries. Product categories are walking, turning, winch, driven planetary reduction gear box.