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Taixing "reducer town" into a provincial industrial base
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Recently, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Circular on Further Promoting the notification feature of industrial bases," according to "well selected excellent, excellent choice special" principle of awarding identified 30 provincial-level industrial base, the city as a "slow machine of the villages, "one of them. Identify the characteristics of the industrial base reflects the development of basic industries to high-driven, reflecting the Soviet Union in the South & North dislocation development and complementary development, joint development of the basic orientation, reflecting the major regional development strategies in line with national basic orientation. The city reducer industry after years of training and development, has become a pillar industry of the city's industrial economy. At present, with more than 150 manufacturing enterprises, of which 50 enterprises above designated size, employing 10,000 people, more than 50 series of products, thousands of varieties, hundreds of thousands of specifications, are exported to more than 50 countries and regions. Output value in 2010 is expected to achieve 100 billion yuan, accounting for sales volume reducer yield about 25%. "Twelve Five" period, the base will be high-tech gear grafting for the pilot to speed up upgrading the industrial level reducer; to improve the equipment manufacturing process technology, testing standards and the development of major technical equipment, electrical and mechanical integration of the direction, focus on developing high-speed , heavy duty series reducer, small, intelligent, modular series reducer, and wind power, nuclear power, hydropower and other national key projects supporting the use of wind power growth gearbox, yaw gear box pulp, nuclear power Vertical planetary gear boxes and other products, accelerate the construction of large-scale precision casting, forging machining centers, to improve the level of equipment and independent design, manufacturing and general sets of standards, and strive to fight the city has a strong influence and domestic well-known production base reducer .