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Changzhou Kunishige second gear start to improve traditional industries Chroni
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Sales from blank to 18 billion, the country with Mao Group, a full reducer for 18 years; and from 18 billion yuan to 5.0 billion, the country is the timetable for Mao 3 years. Quick jump of the engine, a high intensity of input - the country has launched a new plant Mao projects with a total investment of 2.16 billion yuan, 35 million square meters workshop started off, it is still rare in the city's industrial history. Expected to be completed in May next year, delivered in October to move stationed. West Lake Road in Wujin High-tech District, Yancheng City Road junction with more than 700 workers working on the two battles, lined with scaffolding in one glance than the first. Group Chairman Xu Guozhong told reporters, business to invest 1.5 million yuan per day, equivalent to a Porsche. Founded in 1993, the National Mao reducer Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise group. Currently has total assets of 450 million yuan, covers an area of 25 square meters, more than 2000 employees, professional and technical staff account for 20% of the total number of employees, annual production of 360,000 units reducer, the variety specification is complete. Since 2002, the National Group has invested hundreds of millions of Mao for technical innovation, the introduction of world-class equipment, every year dozens of new products available. After 10 years of hard work, enterprise development into a benign orbit. Even in 2008, the global financial turmoil, the country's growth rate still reached Mao 28.5%, sales revenue this year expected to exceed 1.8 billion. "From the size and efficiency point of view, the country has been quite the days of Mao better than people." Xu Guozhong said the 1.8 billion annual sales, the production of 36 million units reducer, Mao Group sit tight in the domestic counterparts, the country's "top spot" and relying on technological innovation in recent years, with the ability to counter the international giants. Currently the average monthly salary of ordinary employees more than 3000 yuan, tax payment this year will exceed 100 million yuan. But from a national perspective, the reducer market exceeds 300 billion yuan, and increasing every year. Although the country is the industry leader Mao, market share is not high - this year sales of 1.8 billion calculations, the proportion is only 6% - which also means Kunishige still considerable room for growth. And then from their own point of view, despite the current leading technology, market stability, well-funded, but the development of space is constrained, if not break element constraints, is bound to affect the competitiveness of the enterprise, behind. "Be the boss of China's gear industry is not difficult, world-class boss is our dream." Last April, the party secretary Fan Yanqing's visit further strengthened the confidence of Xu Guozhong. In the same year in September, "National Mao Group reducer and motor development, and manufacturing base project," the official foundation in Wujin High-tech Zone. Phased implementation of the projects originally planned to replace the one-time start to build an annual output of 120 million units of various industries and 250 million units of gear motors, 4,500 new jobs, when completed, the annual output value of 5.0 billion. Right now, the project-based project has been successfully completed, the main construction in full swing. Next May, will be presented here, the grand style of the headquarters building, modern standard workshop, first-class R & D building, garden center workers ... ... Xu Guozhong further revealed: companies are set up national research and development center, to create the largest deceleration production base, and truly lead the industry.