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Under the new situation in the macro-control gear the development of enterpri
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Reliability is the domestic construction machinery and imports of construction machinery gap between the largest and also the occupation of the Chinese construction machinery and export of high-end market lies. Domestic products improve the competitiveness of construction machinery, the key is made as soon as possible to improve the reliability of mechanical engineering to shorten the gap between foreign products the same. Domestic construction machinery products by recurring quality problems analysis and research, you can pass from the following to resolve this problem: first, through the improvement of design methods and tools, from design to improve the reliability of the source do a good job. Focus of work in this regard should be vigorously promoted and used three-dimensional CAD and computer aided testing CAT technology, assembly simulation, size interference analysis, simulation analysis, strength check, fatigue analysis and calculation of machine simulation runs and so on. Second, the full use of foreign advanced technology has matured some, such as hydraulic integration, advanced electronic control technology and load sensing technology to realize the intelligent control of construction machinery. Third, improve the domestic component parts and the quality of basic components such as engines, torque converter, power shift transmission, pumps, valves, motors, hydraulic cylinders, seals, fasteners and electrical components and other quality, which is improve the reliability of the key domestic engineering machinery, or direct the implementation of international procurement. Fourth, strengthen the technology aspects of management, in particular assembly, test chain management, the whole factory, according to national standards and rigorous testing machine testing machinery used to pre-glitch-prone all out of the factory. Fifth, strengthen external agreement, the inspection of foreign parts in order to strictly control the Association, the quality of foreign parts. Improve service levels With the development of the user's purchase psychology is also changing, from the past into account only consider the price to the overall value of the equipment, cost-efficient foreign brands favored by more and more users, domestic engineering machinery to the advantage of low prices were in pursuit of high reliability advantages of foreign construction machinery replaced, so the need to strengthen the domestic construction machinery enterprises intensity of after-sales services, in particular, enhance training, guidance and regular visits to the system of weak links in the intensity of services. In recent years, China's efforts in the service really be enhanced. For example, enterprise service concept of Sany Heavy Industry to make more humane, full integration into the corporate culture will be the first area of business services, the introduction of CI design, in the same industry launched the first service mascot logo. It is in service on the basis of high priority, according to market conditions Sany Heavy Industry, quickly adjusted to raise funds to invest in 2003, the original plan for the expansion of the market is still immature in some varieties of construction machinery production turned into after-sales network construction projects and achieved good results. Accelerate the internationalization process Sluggish sales in the domestic market situation, the domestic construction machinery enterprises should fully understand and play to their advantages, and actively expand exports, this is a construction machinery enterprises in the important task of the current and inevitable development. Bauma 2004 exhibition in Munich, Germany, China has more than 30 manufacturers of construction machinery exhibitors, exhibitors products to shoveling transport machinery, compaction and paving machinery, represent the current highest level of domestic construction machinery. However, apart from a few manufacturers of several products through the CE certification, most of the products simply can not enter Europe, the export of inferior products in China is obvious. However, the domestic construction machinery enterprises can avoid weaknesses and advantages. At present, the domestic construction machinery industry exports have the advantage lies in the following aspects: First, cover a wide range of product variety, product adaptability; Second, low prices and competitive; Third, export motivated; Fourth State from the tax, export credit, special funds, and other aspects of foreign trade import and export rights have provided favorable conditions. Domestic construction machinery enterprises should be fully careful study of these advantages, export promotion, trade and rapid development.