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Zhang Zhenkun win-win cooperation to promote the localization process reducer
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Since 2006, Yadong Cement mainland production base from four years ago, has all domestic reducer. Why equipment has always preferred the use of foreign imports ADP Group, in terms of vertical mill reducer will be used in all countries Production of the product? October 17, 2010 cement vertical mill reducer technology exchange and the "emotional ties to Shangri-La" Nanjing high-precision transmission equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. customer appreciation Guesthouse in the eastern outskirts of Nanjing city began. And NGC Has many years of cooperation between the General Manager of Hubei Yadong Cement Co., Ltd. Zhang Zhenkun also came to attend the conference, a reporter for China Cement Net Yadong Cement with vertical mill reducer domestic issues such as interview him. Zhang Zhenkun said domestic front, East Asia has done in the industry reducer reducer products nationwide in-depth investigation, and finally selected NGC's products, is undoubtedly the value of the NGC in product development, Production capabilities. With other enterprises of different buyers, Yadong Cement technical staff involved in the design process reducer device. Zhang Zhenkun said that as a rich experience in production of large-scale cement enterprises, Yadong Actual production conditions according to the situation given in the product design many reasonable suggestions, such as increased shaft diameter to improve the safety factor and so on. Previously, Yadong Cement reducer products imported, but often Failure, damage to certain areas and parts of the technical staff and with the change is already clear in chest. Therefore, in cooperation with the NGC, in addition to NGC well depend on the advanced production technology and equipment, the need for With particular improvement, strengthening, and even improved links, Yadong Cement will be timely, "the only way to do out of the product is the best." "The improved gear, longer service life, we emphasize efficiency , The device is not bad is the last word! "Yadong Cement present the production line in China basically using all the gear NGC equipment. In addition to gear equipment, Hubei Yadong Cement Co., Ltd. in the vertical mill grinding cement technology has been leading in the country, according to Zhang Zhenkun introduction, Hubei East Asia from October 2007 to start production mill, now used More than three years, improvements have been doing during the period, production has moved from the original 120t / d to the current 260t / d. In the central area, Yadong's vertical mill table and has a leading position in production and sales. When a reporter asked about vertical mill and the comparison of the merits of roller press, Zhang Zhenkun recalled in Germany last year, held in Wuhan, Loesche vertical roller mill grinding cement technology seminars, Yadong been tested during the meeting, including the production and consumption Power compared to the last results show relatively good results of vertical mill. Also imported equipment, vertical mill has its advantages, such as simple, low investment, operating stability, and roller press operation has to be recycled, from the supplementary Material, and slowly build pressure, to the last stable very long time, running in the material powder is too small or if the thickness of separation, both sides of the gap will be biased. Zhang Zhenkun said that the recent East Asia bought a 1.6m * 1.4m in the roller press and 4.2m * 13m milling system, the output is good, but much less stable than vertical mill. Simultaneous operation must be familiar with caution, more demanding on the operator. Especially in times of high water is simply no way to operate, sieve will block or Material inside the cabinet will bear material. Zhang Zhenkun that, compared with, the vertical mill itself can handle the biggest advantage is the high moisture material, fully enclosed, drying effect. Such as lime, milling and roller press can not be used, can only be used vertical mill. But with Vertical mill grinding cement only inconvenience is necessary because of vibration, water, spray water, clinker ratio should be increased correspondingly, strength will decrease, when the event of clinker expensive, the cost has also increased a lot. Zhang Zhenkun said that the current sub- East is studying how to improve this situation, developed a free water in the vertical mill. Day, the Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute expert Liu River in the report say their water-free vertical mill, Zhang Zhenkun very interested After that they will be further communication to make further improvements to the equipment. Oriental Group in terms of refinement, equipment modification spirit is evident. Secondly, in the maintenance, vertical mill is much simpler than the roller press, relatively few parts, the inner closed loop system is simple, relatively low maintenance frequency, Yadong currently using vertical mill a year is not the general power Welding. Proved vertical mill and roller press will be quite competitive. Before the end of the interview, Zhang Zhenkun Yadong mentioned the recent production of 5000t / d production line, from October 10 feed, produced 3,000 tons of the day, the next day increased to 4,200 tons, even now, more than 5,200 tons every day. Yadong System, whether new or current operation, and have done fine management, efficiency, cost reduction is the main factor. Yadong is located in the Yangtze River in Hubei the best deep-water port area shoreline conditions, have their own "500m port coastline and the Yangtze River shipping routes throughout the year" and other unique regional advantages, while the company also "first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class management" in the conversations, you can feel the future of the sub-Zhang Zhenkun East confidence.