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Jiangsu Stallone into the international high-end gear applications
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Recently, Jiangsu Co Tyrone reducer received a considerable amount of international reducer special significance order contract with a product marketing international instruments. First, the global supplier of nuclear power procurement --- Fox sent the U.S. nuclear power plant applications automatically adjust the circulating water reducer and yaw pitch wind speed reducer orders; Second, the global power generation and rail transport infrastructure largest Procurement Supplier --- Tyrone formally approved the French company Alstom its global wind power, nuclear power and the gear box suppliers online with the export provisions of the instruments.

Since last summer, the United States sent technical personnel to Fox several times settled Tyrone, Tyrone in the technical strength, production capacity, standard operating level of credibility in areas such as marketing, repeated visits, based on the argument, and finally sent to the Tyrone the reducer orders. Subsequently, the French company Alstom has also presented the world's most authoritative Tyrone export provisions of the instruments. This table Mingtai Long at the international forefront of high technology to get the field of nuclear power and wind power equipment, gear export permits.

For domestic import substitution reducer, and then squeezed into the high-end product applications at home and abroad, is the concept of Tyrone's scientific and technological innovation and product development standpoint. As early as the beginning of this century in 2001, "Tyrone card" reducer to be used in the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China, becoming the first domestic industry to join the cause of building high-end aerospace products; 2005, "Tyrone card" TL module of gear have been exported to South Korea, Japan and other developed countries; next year Stallone as China's "Chang'e I" lifting frame and Double Star spacecraft launch vehicles developed special docking gear again used the field of aerospace; China's space launch in 2007 Catalan Institute of recovery gear developed for the "Shenzhou VII spacecraft," launched ocean monitoring vessel; At the same time, Tyrone independent development and production of wind yaw pitch into the reducer, respectively, Nantong, Lianyungang and other coastal areas along the river and industrial cluster zone; then into the two major international high-end equipment supply "predators" of the global procurement and supply network.

Yan Aiguo, general manager, according to Tyrone introduced, the corresponding adjustment of national energy policy, Tyrone and decisive decision-making, the new high-end product development park, the first twenty thousand square meters of high-tech products supporting the plant this year, "May Day" on the eve of construction, planning this year at the end put into use. At the same time invested 100 million yuan, for the acquisition of high-precision production and testing equipment. Planning with the year formed a certain scale of nuclear power and wind power yaw pitch reducer production capacity to ensure an annual increase of the amount of 200 million high-end product sales to 3 billion high-end products at 15% per year growth rate of 20% the rate increase.