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Reproducing course of study needs policy to give aid to industrialization system
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Core abstract: Habit of general popular thinking is, what thing is new good, lack understanding and understanding to reproducing machine tool so, to its quality is not approbated or consider as two mobile phones the bed, lower to the expectation value of reproducing machine tool. Actually, the consumable of machine tool and other is different, old stability is the more better. Additional, the concept of reproducing did not spread in the masses, the leader of production enterprise of very much even machine tool is right reproducing utterly ignorant, also caused the people misunderstanding to reproducing. So need is mixed from conduct propaganda this one intention that people changes on policy guiding.

American place writes " reproducing course of study, of giant analyse " one article writes: The menace of reproducing course of study basically comes from the situation of new product, they become stronger and durable, and new cheap product, many entrance product, make the economy of reproducing poorer. Another further menace comes from primitive manufacturer, a few former manufacturer use patent and law to undertake reproducing in order to prevent to their product. The restricting with the reproducing same existence of course of study of our country machine tool element. A few machine tools make an enterprise rely on dimensions advantage and technical progress, the price of new machine tool is pressed very lowly, form pressure to reproducing machine tool, especially the Bench Machine Tool with one tittle wide bedding face. In the meantime, because the machine tool meets reproducing form fair competition and concussion to the sale of new machine tool, so, also having mill of a few machine tools is boycott and obstructive to reproducing.

From industry of reproducing of our country machine tool development history looks, foundation of industry of past our country is more fragile, machine tool equipment is in each enterprises more it is to undertake maintaining, transformed amount is not large.

As the flying development of modern industry, general accuracy machine tool cannot have satisfied modern treatment craft and the requirement that raise labor productivity more and more, but if equipment changes entirely, not only capital investment is too large, cost is too high, and of original equipment unused will create great waste again, so, most economic method undertakes machine tool numerical control changes reproducing namely.

According to not complete count, our country from 20 centuries 70 time rise to already began to use old machine tool of electronic technical reformation. The basis is right the whole nation 320 large and medium-sized the investigation statistic of the enterprise, come nearly ten years, the old machine tool that uses electronic technical reformation has more than 10000 about.

And because industry of machine tool reproducing is in our country to still be in,start level, the market is at present more troubled, laws and regulations of the relevant policy that because this is badly in need of a country ordering to be able to promote reproducing project about division system,develops, law and industry are normative, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry.
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