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Homebred and automatic gear-box expects to quicken
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The expert suggests to should increase positive result of own to automatic gear-box innovation give aid to strength

Automatic gear-box regards the core technology whole world of the car as the market share of nearly 90% by amount to monopoly of not much a few companies.

Japanese love letter is a business that produces automatic transmission case technically, the transmission case that produces in China is the enterprise such as masses of cropland of one steam abundant, one steam to use, its cover a range almost include model of mainstream of domestic each level.

German ZF company is the transmission technology company with the biggest whole world at present, produces automatic transmission case gets applied extensively on European brand model, run quickly, BMW, Ao Di these German cars equip mostly ZF is automatic gear-box.

Wanner of American rich case is the control with global very few amount to double separation and reunion is automatic gear-box (one of manufacturer of abbreviation DCT) technology.

The developed country makes to technical block China promotes homebred and automatic gear-box quickly the process hard. Here the circumstance falls, with the country grandfather manages joint-stock built an enterprise to appear to need the road of classics. Also have doubt of the expert inside course of study however, the strategy that changes a technology with the market can succeed in the may not on automatic gear-box, the country should strengthen the support of pair of own innovation enterprises.

A few days ago, national hair changes appoint leading organization company of Bo Gehua offer of United States of cartel of the 10 cars inside Yu Jiaguo holds water " in couplet sends industrial limited company " , develop DCT (dual clutch is automatic gear-box) . One steam, go up the enterprise such as steam, east wind, Chang'an, Hua Chen, auspicious, strange luck, home almost production enterprise is in all large cars awesomely row.

The automatic gear-box that regards auto industry as one of crucial component, our country still slavishly dependent, the statistic of association of Chinese auto industry shows, contrast of imports and exports of Chinese car component is medium 2007, entrance gear-box assembly imports amount to amount to 3.28 billion dollar.

The couplet in holding water sends a company, develop automatic transmission case jointly, be regarded as to break foreign technology monopoly about branch and not little company by the country, grasp significant opportunity of core technology. However, this action also caused particular controversy inside course of study.

Own innovation hardship starts

Although the market is complete by foreign capital forestall, but the action of automatic gear-box did not stop research and development of Chinese own innovation all the time, enterprise of a few civilian battalion and scientific research school pass tough effort, obtained in infinitely variable speeds implement (CVT) the major breakthrough that waits for a project to go up.
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