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Association of industry of Chinese current machinery decreases gearshift machine
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One, the unit that produced development general situation to absorbed 10 to accord with initiate condition 2007 is a member, decrease team of member of gearshift machine branch to expand ceaselessly. End owned member unit in all 2007 86. Among them: Company unit website of machine of 81 the home, professional decelerate 1 the home, universities and colleges 2 the home, institutes 2. The statistic of 52 industries data that appears in the newspaper according to entire 2007 industry, 52 enterprises have entire industry 20167 people of worker, the statistic of 58 industries data that more entire than going up one year industry reports adds 2335 people. Among them: Project technology personnel 3519 people, add 7 people than going up one year; Worker and apprentice 11347 people, reduce 36 people than going up one year. Have fixed assets (cost price) two billion three hundred and twenty-nine million eight hundred and forty-three thousand yuan, the statistic of 58 industries data that more entire than going up one year industry reports increases 19.2% , 52 enterprises gold cuts year end the machine tool has a quantity to be 6310, increase 361 than going up one year. Detailed of number of 52 companies worker, total wages sees entire industry watch 1. Watch 1 2007 year association of industry of Chinese current machinery decreases gearshift machine branch enterprise of of number of worker of 52 members company, total wages counts all worker year end number (person) all worker annual is average number (person) total wages (10 thousand yuan) add up to among them worker, strengthen business management, pay attention to a product to pledged a large number of works are done on the quantity, obtained certain positive result. 2007 is " 915 " the 2nd year, revitalize equipment manufacturing industry energetically, regard the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China as a when put forward main task, in 2 OO6 year the State Council will come on stage in June " a certain number of opinions that revitalize equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating " , the national attention to mechanical manufacturing industry, major equipment is homebred increase what turn a project increasingly, and favorable market environment gives those who regard major equipment form a complete set as the product to decreased gearshift machine to bring superexcellent development opportunity. The development of all trades and professions makes the user channel that reduces gearshift machine product expands increasingly, the space that the product sells is more vast. The government of industry business was changed scientificly further 2007, standardization, the innovation ability of the enterprise and fight management risk ability strengthening stage by stage. The enterprise is done do greatly strong, devoted and many capital buys the advanced treatment equipment on the world, produce advanced high grade product. In the meantime, the enterprise that achieves administration of computer network informatization is increasing. Thereby also greatly raised labor productivity and economic benefits. 52 enterprises had the computer 2007 2241, increase 294 than going up one year. In the course after maintaining perch to move continuously in last few years, decrease gearshift machine industry and did not put the pace with ongoing delay, the industry grows speed and economic riding quality to continue to maintain the momentum of steady progress. Production manages a situation to appear piece continuously, the posture of fast, overall growth, economic benefits rises further, its are main 2007 economic norms innovates again tall.

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