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Exhibition of electric machinery of international of the 8th 2009 Guangzhou and
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Extend meeting theme: Energy-saving, innovation shows time: On March 6, 2009 - place of 8 days of exhibitions: Guangzhou city sheds beautiful Lu Jinhan exhibition center Sponsor an unit: Wen Bo exhibits Guangdong of of guild of Guangdong province machinery limited companySupport an unit: Research center of technology of Cheng of mechanic of report of permanent magnetism of national rare groundPostpone meeting brief introduction Exhibition of Guangzhou international electric machinery and seminar (abbreviation Guangzhou electric machinery is exhibited) it is to contact business of industry of domestic and international electric machinery to extend the significant key position of Guangdong and Hua Na market, also be one of main platform that internationalization of industry of Chinese electric machinery develops at the same time, already had held 7 continuously up to now, total exhibition area exceeds 50 thousand to make the same score rice. Electric machinery of the 8th Guangzhou is exhibited will continue to hold to " specialization with internationalization " striking distinguishing feature, about electric machinery system according to national leader energy-saving industry expands target demand, with " energy-saving, innovation " to reveal a theme, guide industry of domestic electric machinery to take the research development in domain of new and high technology and innovation seriously, the promotion of content of technology of product of stimulative electric machinery. Special workshop also will agree with the form a complete set that the corresponding period makes preparations the market application of electric machinery product, explain the theme of this innovation further. Market information ⊙ 2010, guangdong saves mechanical gross value of industrial output to achieve 700 billion yuan, year all grow 20% . ⊙ 2010, guangdong saves total production value of manufacturing industry of electronic information product to achieve 2.25 trillion yuan, year all grow 21% . ⊙ 2010, guangdong saves gross value of industrial output of electric home appliances ⊙ 2010, guangdong saves textile industry total production value to achieve 280 billion yuan, year all grow 8% . Limits of item on display Product of ⊙ of all kinds electric machinery: Medium or small electric machinery, small special electric machinery of all sorts of electric machinery, cent horsepower electric machinery, dynamoelectric tool, dc machine and AC motor, servo, enter of all kinds and electric machinery, synchronous electric machinery, special electromotor to wait without core electromotor, pace.
⊙ electric machinery controls system and apparatus: Electronic parts of device of system of electric machinery control and servo, driver, governor, numerical control, transducer, switchgear, converter, special circuit, power and device.
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