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2009 eleventh drive of China International motivation and control technology (J
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Time: 26-28 day ground will nod in Feburary 2009: Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center sponsors commerce of China International of government of people of unit Jinan city to promote committee drive of motivation of China of support of media of center of trade of world of Taipei of unit of specially invite of society of automation of province of Shandong of chamber of commerce of industry of machinery of chamber of commerce of China International of mechanical industry branch and machinery of international of control technology network

Official website Http://www.jn-ptc.com [introductive] come for years, in each district the person of the same trade exhibits the intense competition of the meeting in, we are hardheaded, cautious and conscientious, last long, endure come from the industry, real test that comes from a client! Jinan drive is exhibited since be being held successfully 2000 oneself, recieved in all come from global the ginseng of nearly 500 enterprises of 40 countries and area is exhibited, dimensions increases by degrees every year with the speed of 20% , drive of the 11st Jinan is exhibited already pulled open heavy curtain, brand-new constituent form, extend meeting overall arrangement brand-newly, brand-new service concept will pound the vision of every professional personage! We exhibit the change that brings after train of thought through study does advancedly, will bring broad postpone business indeed benefit! We will continue to exhibit the corresponding period to exhibit with industry of user of terminal of airtight of a few big fluid 2009, certainly will brings more to develop business chance for Chinese PTC industry----Believe us please, genuine wish your arrival!

[exhibit can popularize]

1. In even more media of 30 mainstreams major makes strong conduct propaganda; 2. Outside contacting country through governmental channel, trade association and professional client form a delegation ginseng meeting; 3. Contact Shandong by professional group provincial reach circumjacent area user of many 20000 industry and professional product agent, agency; 4. Have to home famous spent PTC is exhibited, machine tool machinery and manufacturing industry kind exhibit meeting, head for the professional that press a platoon distribute " the dispatch before exhibiting " reach entrance ticket conduct propaganda is current exhibit meeting; 5. VIP buys a plan, the lock has the VIP that purchases intent to buy a group surely, offer a series of special treatment and service. 6. In exhibit meeting site to hold communication of both sides of business supply and demand to negotiate meeting, undertake spot of news briefing of news of invite public bidding, businessman interacts at the same time communication, foreign trader purchases information to release wait for a series of activities; 7. Additional, area of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, the orgnaization of business affairs of much home international such as day, Han is current exhibit can active overseas to enrol business flutter and the constituent job that have purchasing a group. [ginseng extend range] ◆ 1. Hydraulic pressure component: Pump, motor, alterable switch of a powerful person of booster of fast drive component, air cylinder, pressure and fluid brake, control, accumulator, pressure, hydraulic pressure uses system of trunnion and join, device and hydraulic pressure of a complete set of to wait;
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