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Mould of machine tool of international of the 4th 2008 Malaysia and automation
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Time 2008-10-23 comes 2008-10-26
Periodic 1 year /
Choose center of trade of kuala lumpur world showpiece
Kuala lumpur of the name that exhibit a house world trade center
Showpiece cut of content 〇 metal: Electric spark of silk of forming machine of the machine tool of milling machine of boring of turning center, numerical control, Long Menxi, machining center, gear cutting, bench drill, machine that decorate a border, modular machine tool and product line, electric spark, fast, don't go yet is line cut machine, special non-traditional machine tool; CAD/CAM/CAE system: Measure equipment;
〇 Ban gold machines / metallic figuration: V machinery, strong cut gold waiting for Ban to machine machine of cut of machine tool, pipe bender, laser beam cutting machine, water to wait;
〇 mould: System of spare parts of production machinery of design of machinery of treatment of of all kinds mould, mould, mould and engineering equipment, component, mould and component, hot flow path and fittings, special type is firm wait for equipment of mould material, polish;
〇 stock handles: Machine of crane, transmission system, elevator, promotion, carry dish; Machine of technology of pneumatic of storehouse craft, hydraulic pressure, oil pressure, hydraulic press;
〇 v and cast installation: V machinery, cast equipment, flexible production center reachs production system (FMC/FMS) , grinder, lathe, milling machine, sawing machine;
Essence of 〇 finishing & acts the role of a technology: Abrade, polish, eletroplate, electrophoresis, zincous oxidation, plating on plastics, vacuum eletroplates, equipment of furnish of raw material, besmear, coating;
〇 makes automation: System of control of driver, process, bearing, gear and controller of motor, PLC, sensor, robot, temperature;

Sponsor ministry of industry of unit Malaysia international trade / Malaysia mould and casting control association / Malaysia is cast reach project association
Recommend exhibit meeting: The 4th 2008 India (Bombay) mould of international machine tool and automation exhibit 10.22-25 (4 days)   of   of center of Indian Bombay exhibition exhibition of industry of China of the 3rd 2008 Iran in October international exhibition center of 6-9 day Teheran

Recommend media: " Indian industry encyclopedia " , lunar circulation 50 thousand. Advertisement comes low: USD80(color) / 50(is black and white) [5.5cm(H)x7.5cm(W) ]

[market background]
In recent years, malaysia economic stability grows, it is the economy in southeast Asia country visits one of countries with the most powerful force, gross domestic product (GDP) increase rate maintains in 5.5% the left and right sides, basically import mechanical equipment and electronic product, metal and relevant product. Before 2020, equestrian government expands the key industrial trade and build modern industry power. As Damadi 9 Five-Year Plan (2006 ~ 2010) carry out, a series of infrastructure and industrial project also are started subsequently, malaysia manufacturing industry predicts to will grow 6% , among them metallic treatment and machine tool industry can grow 20% every year to major general. Malaysia machinery equipment and forehead of electronic product entrance were as high as 60.58 billion dollar 2005, grow 7% compared to the same period, 52.8% what occupy Malaysia to import amount.
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