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The 4th China (Fosan) mechanical equipment exhibition
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The 4th China (Fosan) the corresponding period of mechanical equipment exhibition holds: The 6th China (Chen Cun) machine tool and rubber-plastic equipment exposition sponsors an unit: Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference / commission of trade of Guangdong province economy / government of people of city of Guangdong province Fosan undertakes unit: Board of Trade of Fosan city economy / bureau of collaboration of Fosan city foreign trade economy / bureau of Fosan town occurrences in human life / city of suitable couplet machinery limited company assist run an unit: Government of people of the city zone of Fosan city buddhist / government of people of division of Fosan city suitable heart / government of people of the sea area austral Fosan city / government of people of Fosan city brillant district / Fosan city: Nodded showpiece to 25 days on October 22, 2008: Machinery of international of suitable couplet of · of old village of suitable heart · reads extensively central Fosan, be located in hinterland of Pearl River delta, proximate Guangzhou, there is door of Zhongshan, river, Zhao Qingsan city all around, it is progress of Guangdong province economy gross of fast, economy one of areas with big, strong comprehensive strength. Since 2003, whole town total output value year all grow 18.6% , total output value reachs whole 2006 town two hundred and ninety-two billion six hundred and seventy-two million yuan. In the meantime, base of Fosan city industry is solid, gross value of industrial output amounted to seven hundred and seven billion and eighty million yuan 2006, grow 23.4% . Already formed reach equipment to make with information of unifinication of electric home appliances 上一页12 下一页