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The 5th Suzhou exhibits even department industry Hua Dong (Suzhou) internationa
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Time: 2008-09-03 comes 2008-09-06
Nod showpiece: Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company
Exhibit house title: Suzhou international reads extensively center
Sponsor an unit: Hong Kong dispatch tells exhibition company (the message that Hong Kong couplet delivers place to appear on the market is connected accuse a limited company member)
China International commerce promotes council of meeting Suzhou city

Undertake unit: Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company
About Suzhou
Jiangsu is one of birthplace of industry of our country nation, it is the whole nation important spin, mechanical, electron, petrifaction and base of production of building materials industry, industry increases a value to rank countrywide front row for years continuously. The economic society progress of Jiangsu gained remarkable success. Since 1992, save total output value to maintain two digit growth 13 years continuously completely. Among them Suzhou develops for economy the fastest, have one of cities of competition ability most.
Suzhou is famous city of Chinese history culture and important scenery travel city, it is one of central cities with main delta of the Yangtse River. Have since ancient times " on have heaven, there is Su Hang below " beautiful praise.
Current, already had 90 extraction group city of lysol of 500 strong transnational corporation invests, suzhou has become base of property of China's important production, research and development.
Connect about dispatch
Hong Kong dispatch connects a group to held water 1985, be dedicated to offerring one-stop professional exhibition serves, already held water 20 years up to now.
Dispatch is connected accuse to take limited company on November 2, 2001, place is handed in to appear on the market in Hong Kong couplet, become the first exhibition of Asian that appear on the market to make preparations business.
Hong Kong dispatch is connected hold fair of major of more than 20 international every year, cooperate to be prepared perfectly reach powerful conduct propaganda, already accumulated giant professional audience now, its excellent professional service is wide suffer join those who exhibit business to reach the person that look around reputably.
Hong Kong exhibits even department industry is the admiral industry that dispatch tells exhibition company is exhibited, already made preparations those who amount to 17 is long. China austral time machine and raw material are exhibited, plastic reach pack exhibit, dongguan international machinery and raw material, rubber-plastic reach pack exhibit the famous brand that also makes Hua Na region, join the reaction that postpone business enthusiastic, exhibit meeting dimensions to have every year grow considerably.
Show an intent
According to data of statistic of before 2005 3 season, accumulative total of long triangle area realizes total value of imports and exports five hundred million and three thousand six hundred and sixty dollars, grow 26.3% compared to the same period, export accumulative total to reach -863462912 dollars among them, grow 35.9% , import five hundred million and one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars, grow 16.3% compared to the same period. Implementation economy favourable balance five hundred million three hundred and fifty dollars.
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