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2009 middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) lumber and woodworker exhibition
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Extend meeting time: On April 21, 2009 - 23 days
Exhibit meeting site: Enlighten do obeisance to world trade centre
Media support: The main medium of Arabia country and English country (the press, commerce and finance magazine, network)
Chinese section exhibits: Beijing is filled with year of international to be able to exhibit limited company

Limits of item on display: Lumber makes category: Wooden furniture reachs fittings, nap fittings, ligneous door window, lumber, log, hardwood, cork, plywood, laminose, decorate chipboard, of all kinds face plate, wooden line, wooden floor, ligneous handicraft, decorate lumber and ligneous ornamental, ambry, abrasive product, exterior treatment reachs processing equipment, gas hammer, hammer gun, the individual protects relevant facility, the building uses carpentry technology, relevant wood product
Woodworker kind: Lumber machines appliance, into template, vitreous bead, wainscot / panel / cladding equipment, lumber handles equipment, bit / penknife, boring machine, the machine that grind an edge / machine combining part, cut tool, mortise machine, cutting and forming machine, into round machine, arenaceous light / burnish machine, come back cut a machine, agglutination machine, curium cut a machine, plywood is ordered machine, the layer closes machine, lathe, patternmaking implement, dryer, dust-collection equipment, vacuum, blanch device, adhesive, secure a system, joinery board with compositive material equipment, small board equipment, grind press facility, turn pulp equipment, make wood special device, the industry serves (carry and logistics)

Postpone meeting introduction: The major that the lumber that holds every year and woodworker are exhibited is the lumber with middle east only area and lumber machinery is exhibited meeting, by middle east famous Strategic exhibits a company to make preparations, it will draw the product that before more than 40 country postpones business with the ginseng of the area, the whole world reveals them, will be middle east area and international business of production of other timber industry, supplier, contractor and trafficker are offerred reveal the woodworker, platform that learns admirable carpentry skill, buy an opportunity that communicates face-to-face with international to exhibit business to offer, facilitating buyers and sellers establishs the commerce collaboration relationship that can last, bring newest lumber product, mechanical, accessory and technology for whole carpentry industry, be helpful for exhibiting business to raise product quality and rich line of the products.
Exhibit can bring include to teem with petrolic Arabia country, independency assist, East Africa and the Indian peninsula area that rising abruptly, having the market of 1 billion population. Ginseng exhibit business to be able to undertake the spot is sold already, also can develop new market through local trade public figure. This extends the communication of the person that meeting general promotes local woodworker and wood and place and trade, the international industry that also reachs product figure to open firm of middle east market, promotion of purpose spreads way.
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