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Machinery of science and technology of 2008 Taipei international and equipment
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Time: 2008-08-21 comes 2008-08-24
Periodic: Annual
Nod showpiece: Road of Taipei city faith 5 paragraphs 5
Exhibit house title: Taipei world trade centre shows one house
Sponsor an unit: Hanse of Taipei city machine
Undertake unit: Exhibit Inc. of clear international enterprise

Equipment of ※ job machinery
Comprehensive treatment opportunity, lathe, drilling machine, milling machine, grinder, punching machine, sawing machine, evade bed, compound machine is special machine, broaching machine, planer, slotting machine, cut bed, press, fold bed, Lei She to machine machine of gold of machine, punching machine, Ban, solder to cut machine.

Machine of ※ electron message and equipment
The device of Lei She sculpture that extensive uses at electron, information, computer, photoelectricity, semiconductor industry, presswork equipment, plug-in unit equipment, cut equipment, solder the equipment, equipment that nod glue, carry facilities of substance of equipment, place, electron to assemble equipment, enclose.

※ mechanical tool and composite material
Hardware tool: Weldment of forge of metallic industry data, casting and equipment, powder treats screw cap of gold, gear, bearing, screw, crane, dynamoelectric tool, pneumatic tool, handiwork is provided. .
Industrial data: Plastic, composite material, tool uses high polymer industry, project material of oily, industry

※ automation controls device (electric machinery is electric)
Interface of industrial level computer, man-machine, can program controller, pace is entered / servo motor, change / station of decelerate machine, terminal, transformer, change electric equipment, transducer, commutator, power source is supplied implement, equipment of uninterrupted cable system, layout, robot, manipulator arm.

0 component and alloy products technology reach ※ metal finishing
(A) 1. Component of housing, casing 2. Heat conduction / medicinal powder hot component 3. Nicety is made use component 4. Exceed filament ability 5. Component of electron of metallic evaporate plating
(Alloy of B) magnesium alloy, titanium, aluminium alloy, exceed filament... wait for treatment to shape processing technology and treatment make place use mechanical device.
Zone of PDM/CAD/CAM of software of development of design of ※ 3C industry (ODM)
The computer / electron / communication / the products plan such as photoelectricity reveals content to include: System of subdesign of E-PDM, ERP, SCM, CAD/CAM/CAE, design is made include acting labour, products plan, industry only mechanical design of design, product, RP/RT, converse project, automation, prototype is made, the product is politic management of program, production.

※ electron workshop builds facility

※ inspected number measures an instrument
Electronic Information Industry uses measure the equipment of test of equipment, automatic examination equipment, automatic test equipment, environment, equipment that taste a canal.
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