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2008 open east pattern of international machine tool, industry and hardware mac
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Ginseng extend time: 2008-11-27 comes 2008-11-29
Periodic: 1 year /
Establish time: Year
Application ends: 2008-10-27
Nod showpiece: Open east gymnasium
Exhibit house title: Open east gymnasium
Sponsor an unit: International trade promotes Nantong city association of mould of committee Nantong city
Undertake unit: Shanghai loves rich to show service limited company
Detailed information:
Support an unit: Commission of trade of Nantong city economy
Open east city progress and reform committee
Open east federation of city industry and commerce
Open east chamber of commerce of city mechanical manufacturing industry
Open east chamber of commerce of industry of tool of city electric power
City of dynamoelectric tool of day Fen international

Xin Qidong of water of green jade of blue sky of Shanghai of north of Jiang Fenghai charm
Open east be located in " delta of the Yangtse River " heartland, with international metropolitan Shanghai lies between Jiang Xiangwang, linear distance only 50 kilometers, element has " Shanghai hind of garden " say, it is a river the important portal that enters the sea. The countryside that is the whole nation's famous dynamoelectric tool, countryside of the building, educational countryside, countryside of marine economy. As Su Tong the start working of the be open to traffic of big bridge and Chong Qida bridge is built, start the division east advantage more protruding shows, will make the new raise that coastal and new and high industry collects our country the eastpart part.
Edge river is rising abruptly quickly littoral the industrial new developed area with each infinite latent capacity, base of a modern manufacturing industry is being formed. Open east Electromechanical industry starts earlier, already formed a replacement of build and repair of power energy resources, careful chemical industry, accurate machinery, shipping, dynamoelectric tool, car to wait for advantage dominant industry, formed relatively perfect treatment to make a system. The product such as ammeter of oil pump of valve of electric equipment of dynamoelectric tool, explosion proof, chemical industry, blender, high pressure, transformer, intelligence is celebrated China and foreign countries. Solid industrial base and favorable industrial environment, promoted the demand of metallic treatment, machine tool and equipment of industry pattern technology.
We are expected sincerely, the lad that comes from all corners of the land knows newly, walk into open east, understanding is opened east, investment is opened east, wear the bridge that has friendship, domain that enlarges collaboration, interactive double win, in all Xing Gongrong, creation is opened east more good tomorrow.
Ginseng extend range
※ of all kinds machine tool: The machine tool such as equipment of machine tool of treatment of machine tool of treatment of machine tool of lathe, numerical control, machining center, milling machine, grinder, drilling machine, report, sawing machine, broaching machine, planer, metal, cut, engraving tool
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