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International motivation drive and industrial control (Chengdu) exhibition the
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Time: 2008-09-03 comes 2008-09-06
Nod showpiece: Conference of new international of Chengdu century city exhibits a center
Exhibit house title: Conference of new international of Chengdu century city exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Cheng learns machinist of the Chengdu City
Association of industry of mould of the Chengdu City
Li Jiahui views exhibition limited company
Undertake unit: Li Jiahui views exhibition limited company
Assist run an unit: Committee of Chinese enginery mould

Limited company of Sichuan rich solid machinery

Sichuan is picked Electromechanical limited company

Company of southwest of the machine in Sichuan province

Sichuan saves a source to start mechanical electron limited company

Chengdu limited company of 10 thousand sincere Electromechanical

Limited company of engineering of equipment of Electromechanical of the peaceful austral Chengdu

Chengdu Xin day is long Electromechanical equipment limited company

"Establish fine machinery exhibition " (English abbreviation: CWMTE) held 8 successfully already since 2000. Exhibition basically devotes oneself to to reveal the new technology of domestic and international mechanical production domain, new facility centrally, showpiece dimensions grows every year with the speed of 20% above; The audience basically faces war industry of aviation, spaceflight, car, autocycle, current mechanism, national defence to wait for large mechanical trade. Exhibition already was become now western area scale is the largest, showpiece in kind is most, right western broad user has the area extremely the major of appeal is exhibited meeting; "Establish exhibition of fine machine tool " reach as Chongqing Sichuan western the epitome that area machinery industry grows, accompany as the rapid development of this one industry great progress.
Sichuan is western region industry class is the most all ready with the province with most superior goods, the industry such as arms industry, electron, mechanical, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, food has important place in the whole nation. Stand what will hold in September at 8 years exhibition of fine machine tool to be exhibited in the 3rd make one's rounds of Chengdu, current exhibit meeting theme to be: Rong? develops harmony in all organizing committee of a surname; will be advanced on two foundation, current exhibit the key of the meeting to organize the job to include: Continue to promote new product, new technology and objective ginseng to exhibit; Perfect ginseng is exhibited it is category, good to do those who exhibit meeting site is overall decorate, rise and optimize service of form a complete set to wait;

Exhibit about previous term or session meeting: Reveal an area to amount to 10000 Yu Ping rice, 350 standards are exhibited, visiting audience 12000 people / second. Showpiece equipment of of all kinds objective more than 100, the corresponding period held lecture of much field technology and communication to meet.
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