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Clerk: Get right on the job should be put in the first!
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If somebody asks me: "What is the first a clerk's whether outstanding standard evaluating? " I can say two words -- " get right on the job! " I can say two words -- " get right on the job!!
Perhaps someone can say: "Outstanding achievement just is good sense! " so I want to ask: "Where is the outstanding achievement that which if there is get right on the job,come to? Make existing outstanding achievement compares ideal already, can if left outstanding achievement of get right on the job,you still continue to promote?
Some people say: "Executive force is powerful be the first! " my individual thinks: "So called executive force is powerful be in the light of the leader that its are in charge of character, left get right on the job to implement power strong just also be applepolish or formalism stop! It is to overtly agree but covertly oppose even. It is to overtly agree but covertly oppose even..
Some people say: "Communication ability should be put in the first! Reason is those who do business to lean is one ask for a favor, can give flicker to just call business ace then to death what did not give flicker, work illy. " China has an adage: "Light says not to do mouth skilled person! "Light says not to do mouth skilled person!!
Some people say: "Train of thought should be placed in the first! " it is good to working that I admit train of thought working importance, but the viewpoint that I still hold to me. Often the friend asks I become an outstanding clerk? I am such answers- - this question is right for the clerk that respects property conscientiously very simple, too complex to the clerk with too much petty trick!
Hey! Some friends this idle my 啰 Suo, then I say by what " get right on the job " so important.
One, basic level clerk must want to come with the footstep measure market, be opposite definitely cannot act blindly.
Before long I just take-overed before and start some market afresh, this market clerk is given to me between a few climate only went up the market plan that start and cost budget. Look at the terminal that folds to enter the arena fee application and sales promotion plan I can't help repeatedly praise this clerk work efficiency is tall, on two black rim of the eye are hanged on the face that sees employee exhaustion again, I what touch call her continuously busy be over two days this to take a rest rapidly, not because the job is tired bad the body.
Take an autograph to show see me pursy brows, so all charge apply for prep above my beforehand appraise, and sales promotion plan is led 1000 pieces, terminal is rectified and reform reach flagship store to build a word to was not carried.
How do I ask a clerk malcontently above to data must come? Why is cost so high? Why to enter the arena without terminal, the systematic program of promotion, construction, promotion, is a few numbers that want money only? Do you go after all is the market on-the-spot check? You and how do purchasing negotiate?
Clerk only only of Nuo Nuo say: "Sell for the most part I had turned, do not pass to be purchased mostly reach inn to grow me to did not see, the business manager of agency talks about these charge, some are special the other manufacturer that I ask the price that display, other trademark also is so much, I become aware the move should be similar also! I become aware the move should be similar also!!
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