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Make inapproachable group: Fu is beaten kind
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Once upon a time, 7 people live together, everybody wants cent to eat a pail of congee everyday. 7 life should be a harmonious collective originally together alive, because divide the problem of congee,can produce contradiction. Why? Because everyday congee is insufficient 7 people are satiate.
Face a such a Gordian knots, how to divide congee to become a key. Everybody hopes to find out a fair measure that divide congee, so that make each person satisfactory. Then they decide the method that uses lot will divide congee. Catch everyday, will divide by the person that arrests. Before long they discover, ability is OK and satiate when everybody seizes the power that divide congee only. Without doubt, because self had effect,this is. The person that separates congee because the action of self, divided to oneself than others more congee. This kind of self is had an insatiable desire for one kind namely read aloud, not hesitate for the individual's interest the interest that harms someone else. Of course, this kind is had an insatiable desire for at ordinary times expression does not come out read aloud, but it one but when with certain power union rises, expose do not have involuntary discharge of urine. When if have an insatiable desire for,reading aloud to rise with union of the authority that divide congee, the congee nature in him bowl is some more. This is malpractice and the germ that embezzle phenomenal generation actually.
Apparent, the method of lot cent congee won'ts do. Everybody passes serious discussion, recalled a way that parts congee again, that is 7 people collective choose a person of sainted will manage the major issue that divide congee. Begin a few days, everybody still compares satisfaction of bisect congee as a result, but before long more serious problem appeared. For oneself the congee in the bowl can be bit more, everybody the person that try every means pleases minute of congee, appeared even the phenomenon of bribery. It is under sugar-coated bullet and the action that fawn on, the spoon head in the hand that divide congee begins to tilt. Then, the congee Qing Dynasty in the bowl is like somebody water, somebody the congee in the bowl is stiff be like a meal; Some people are maintained so that cry continuously, some people are connected half full also be not scooped up. Create authority the congee in the bowl is stiff rare not all reason, everybody is natural it is the heart knows abdomen bright. The absolute power of the person that divide congee caused corruption, caused cent congee not only not all sequential, and make the person of a sainted degenerate.
Then, the person that divide congee by depose. To reflect sheer fairness, 7 individual decisions are complete member participate in the matters concerned that divide congee. 7 people are divided into two groups, 3 people are in charge of dividing congee, additionally 4 people are in charge of the judge of bisect congee result. After 3 people that should be in charge of dividing congee everyday had divided congee, 4 people of responsible judge adopt all sorts of means to determine of the congee in every bowl more or less to reach stiff rare level, intermediate nature is unavoidable conflict and din. After be being finished when a few programs, the congee in the bowl is already fully cool. From now on everybody can eat cool congee only everyday, not only such, and because divide congee to need to expend a large number of time everyday, other job of everybody and activity decreased apparently.
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