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Aggrandizement cost management improves enterprise beneficial result
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Management cost is company production management activity all sorts of expending summation, be commodity value is main make a part, want finally to get compensating from inside company income, it is production of a company manages crucial question. Do economy not to tell cost to be able to fail necessarily, such in the past, more such now. Below condition of socialist market economy, enterprise aggrandizement cost manages, it is to raise the business economic benefits, main task that enhances industry vitality. But, current business is put in a lot of problems however in cost management, cause company cost house not to fall high. The article drafts the reason of this one problem that in managing with respect to company cost, exists and countermeasure, undertake analyse and be discussinged.
Cause company cost to live the matter that does not leave high
1. Company origanization construction is multifarious, handle affairs efficiency is low, overhead expenses expenses is too large. Overhead expenses is cost cost medium main big, the discretion of overhead expenses is affecting management totle drilling cost directly. Want to control good overhead expenses to must build reasonable and efficient origanization construction. The origanization construction of the enterprise is not invariable, change as the change of the amplification of enterprise dimensions and business environment however, the company origanization construction below planned economy applies to market economic system impossibly. As the progress of science and technology, the development of market economy also asks origanization construction makes pair of enterprises be adjusted accordingly likewise. For example: The computerization of contemporary information processing, inevitable meeting causes the change of form of work of accountant, audit, the equipment that did not treat corresponding professional is impossible. Current, in our country enterprise especially state-owned large and medium-sized the supervises origanization construction setting of the enterprise still compares a tradition, fail to follow quality of progress of business environment, technology, personnel rise to make corresponding adjustment with the amplification of enterprise dimensions. Team of administrative organization jackknife, management giant, efficiency phenomenon of low, overstaffed is relatively common. The worker that sectional leader looks at him is in the office everyday prattle, perhaps take off the undesirable phenomenon such as hillock, apathetic. A few more wholesale businesses, as the development of diversified economy, run all business activities already ability not equal to one's ambition. But fall in this kind of circumstance, company headquarters still is maintaining the old cast and original structure, this kind of state brought about overhead expenses and other spending to be controlled hard directly, final and inevitable meeting brings about the out of control that produces management cost.
2. Each link control the company not do one's best, each respect is economical and insufficient. People is put in a kind of error on administrative idea, think cost management basically is the job of financial department. Actually cost is to be in an enterprise to produce what form stage by stage in management process. Range of cost management drag in is wide, it is the problem of a financial Zhang not simply, likewise also not simply financial department can have managed. Must be in an enterprise by financial department every in issueing pair of whole production processes in coordination link of departmental door undertakes controlling, ability controls cost effectively, cogent improve enterprise beneficial result. In the meantime, the common fault that our country finance affairs works is data of the watch that weigh Zhang, light actual technological process; Weigh the financial index report to running a state, light the financial control in managing flow to the enterprise. Because the company manages the deviate that the specific requirement of each link of the process and other department reality work actually, inevitable meeting causes cost on the high side. The flaw on certain production segment, bring about cost on the high side likewise. Having a bit again is an enterprise the waste in producing a course is serious, state-owned large and medium-sized the enterprise is highlighted particularly. Of course, the enterprise also made many works in this respect, took many step, but the effect is not apparent. This shows, improving worker quality is urgent affairs.
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