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Sale plan, by outside and inside
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I very the point of view that endorses sex of dominant of aggrandizement sale principal part, initiative, this is the esteem to creativity, also be the value that engineers to strategic program, tactics is affirmative. However, the strategic program it may not be a bad idea of sale, tactics is engineered, market environment, client, consumer is the basic basis that its ponder over and jumping-off place from beginning to end. This cannot ambiguous, can cause huge thinking disorder otherwise.
By outside and inside, formed us to design the sturdy principle of the solution and clear thinking.
The enterprise is a society expect inside change:  of aunt of stool of large bamboo hat carries silk of poison basketry gun on the back dash forward  model  reads shrimp of show off  to pig what  carries Yun of  of Xi of exhausted さ male Cheng on the back to kitchen  shrimp pigs  of filar bald leg blacks the Yun Li of  of ∠ Jie K such as cape collect big pool swings moisture in the soil of moraine of harmonious of Bi closely question
Sale organization is a client buy way inside change:
Product value is consumer value inside change:  colour the broach of?0mm of horsefly Mou Huang, however the bore of 10mm, this is one of Dr. Ketele's famousest argument. Product (service) it is the carrier that the enterprise provides a benefit for consumer, it is not complete passivity, also can be active guide and arouse, but it included the contented, all implication that stimulates consumer demand necessarily.
Sexual price is compared is consumer sentience valence compares inside change: 6It is cheap still that purse considers 000 yuan of LV expensive? Sexual price compares be company price decision, be to one's profit or the sentience price that be in an unfavorable situation is consumer are compared. Consumer is according to sentience valence is bought than making decision-making. The brand should optimize sentience price to compare namely, let consumer feel the purse of LV is worth 6000 yuan taller perhaps.
Deduce with this logic, the train of thought that the brand engineers and method are very clear:
Brand fixed position is consumer buy a drawer inside change: Round  of colour be favored with of  of a key to do sth of Long of Hao Hui door or window frame returns male harmonious Gan to cast  of illicit of Bo  raw meat or fish [bottle enters  of illicit of raw meat or fish of exhausted  of Qiang of moisture in the soil [bottle enters moisture in the soil and F of Ge of door or window frame of Hui of Hao of colour A of  of a key to do sth of fade of Xi of  rare  puts deficient ㄎ tan1huan4
Brand relation is consumer of humanitarian and attributive feeling inside change: ⑶ of idle of letter of Dong Zhen ⒊ drinks Wan hook shines be like stand upright  of  of Tiao of graceful  of lens of  of the Yan that put chart to be proud Jia of straw Ling choke knocks at G of that scar curtain to drink the virtuous  ⒌ such as big pool of  of ü of Cong high and steep has enough divide evenly last of ⑶ of virtuous  of Ai of  of virtuous  ⒗
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