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The enterprise is bought in " administrative venture " management
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This is a model is right the case that the enterprise is bought and medium administrative venture lack supervises. Any enterprise is bought and case, having 3 level: Buy and before, medium, hind. And in the first phase, be bought namely and before, both sides often can let his thought flow freely " heroic symphony " . Bilateral partner, board of directors and administrative layer are full of idealism, the illusion like the hero. At this moment, both sides often is lacked necessary sober, to the government that buy and brings the risk evaluates inadequacy, right buy and hind the analysis that bilateral administrative pattern lacks meticulous development. And enthusiasm of this kind of blind and hopeful often bury fell to be in buy and run counteract buy and hind a variety of attrition and incongruous hidden trouble.

A successful company is bought and case, must consider the issue of 3 administrative levels:

It is the common feature of bilateral strategy goal and differentia. Buy and both sides should not is with enterprise scope magnitude divisional, and should distinguish from common feature of the strategy. Here has 4 kinds of kinds:

1. Complementary model. Namely bilateral strategic goal is each are not identical, but mutual between it is to swim up and down industry, perhaps say its core ability is collective model industry, both sides can be brought after collaboration comprehensive complementary.

2. Include model. Namely the product of a company and service and another company are identical completely, but technical measure and client fixed position may be different.

3. Correlation. Namely the business of two companies is mutual correlation, but each other has lose by force, buy and hind proper learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness each other.

4. Independence. Namely a company is the strategy that stems from an industry transfer and keep abreast of through buying as an industry new entrant a new industry, there are business and traditional business after have nothing to do independently completely.

In this case, both sides is the strategy complementary model buy and. To Chinese enterprise, with a of foreign enterprise significant difference, see strategic differentia rarely namely, no matter be intended,still be inadvertently. And this is bilateral buy and hind the reason place of tragic generation.

2 it is the common feature on pattern of both sides management and differentia. Be bought from both sides and begin, after talking about share and board of directors, when speaking of the arrangement that manages a layer, with respect to the similarities and differences that should notice to manage mode.

Xin Huaxin has " the enterprise is bought and manage mode to evaluate matrix "

This matrix model tells us, the enterprise buys and the administrative pattern after has 4 kinds: Comprehensive accredit, comprehensive confluence, functional butt joint with flow butt joint model. And what pattern is used below what circumstance, by " strong element " and " soft element " will decide.
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