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Abstruse operation sells hair power: "Li Ning " heroic strategy
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"In Olympic Games phylogeny, countless stirring hour are by the past, mix now the Olympic Games heroes in the future of compose. They are delivered ceaselessly and develop Olympic drive, go all out in work tenaciously, transcend self. Li Ning company is the enterprise that establishs by a hero of Chinese Olympic Games, come to China when the Olympic Games so when, we are used ' hero ' the word comes this more humanitarian, more sentient colorific convey all we are right is the devoir of the heroes that Olympic Games and sports facilities had made contribution, also regard 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as on behalf of us a when the company grows new start, ceaseless enterprising, transcend self, make heroic determination. " , this is Li Ning limited company Mr Zhang Zhiyong is in presiding apparitor to will be released in Beijing's brand-new headquarters on November 8 2008 the speech when Olympic Games strategy.

Subsequently and those who come will be a series of with " hero " the strategy of detailed Olympic Games that gives priority to a problem plans to will appear in succession 2008, and " heroic group " , " heroic gesticulation " , " the hero returns in glory " 3 big main plans take the lead in rising to surface.

The choice that has to allow a person to admire Li Ning group to use a field in contemporary sale shift allows and lucid degree, no matter be " borrow situation sale " or " sale of experience affection type " was gone to by play a quite high level.

Heroic group plans -- " Li Ning " strategic wisdom

2008, the Chinese table tennis ball that Li Ning company will carry assistance, gymnastic, diving and fire deprive Jinmeng's group 4 times, spain, Argentine basketball band of 2 worlds champion, and the athletic resource such as the Teluosa of delegacy of delegacy of Olympic Games of Sudan track team, Sweden, Spanish Olympic Games, Ethiopia comprises " heroic group " , olympic Games of Beijing of a go on an expedition. 2008 Li Ning company will with these " heroic group " regard Olympic Games strategy as core, except for " heroic group " intensify preparing an Olympic Games outside relevant equipment, a series of with " heroic group " the market sale activity to transmit a theme also is undertaking in. Next year " heroic group " appear on what expect in order to make a person ceaselessly, in order to break through the means of the challenge, transmission " everything is all possible " view of Li Ning brand.

This is to enrol can to say brillant " chess " , the hero is called hero, often mix because of his illustrious battle achievement clinking courage, so, choose likely target to appear very important, and fire once was the project that the first gold wins after for us the country restores Olympic Games qualification, the expensive ball that it is a country, gymnastics mixes ping-pong the athletic strong point that diving is our country more; Choose such project, risk coefficient is relatively very few, of home " Li Ning " consumer can not fall because of the hero, the hero often is in and times feeling is proud, natural more meeting press close to " heroic advocate " ; More important is: These 4 projects are the project that the group fights, accord with contemporary no matter be business circles, political circles, even recreational group very of praise highly " the group fights " the times is characteristic; Because,people is met those " the group good faith of heroes cooperates " automatical couplet thinks of " Li Ning " the cohesive affinity of brand group and beauty praise degree; But after all the Olympic Games is a whole world a when people pays close attention to and participate in " massive game " ; So, li Ning must get an option " international hero group " : No matter be Spain,still be those other countries so, what can imagine is: One, their athletic project in certain domain is to accord with certainly " heroic standard ' , and probable the project that is a group; 2, the thinking according to commercial logic, these countries or area by pitch on, the business that develops an overall arrangement possibly in place with Li Ning runs concerned couplet, in this commercial field that involves in sports industry place, example is very much.
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