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Report of nucleus of adapting our country of Cheng of electrician of nucleus of
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At the beginning of August, group of machinery of Jiangsu peaceful grand took the order form with an extraordinary sense -- , for national major project report of nucleus of production of form a complete set of project of cable of nucleus of red edge river uses decelerate machine and lubricant system.
"This order adapted successfully the history that unit of Chinese nucleus cable uses decelerate machine to count an import for a long time, no matter be right still to the enterprise for industry of Chinese nucleus cable, have the sense of milepost. " Yan Aiguo of general manager of peaceful grand group says.
In recent years, nuclear report serves as a kind of efficient clean the sources of energy more and more get the attention of people. By last year, the country published a nucleus long-term development plans in report: In future 10 old, will new go into operation builds 40 above group of electric machinery of 1 billion made of baked clay nucleuses, to the nuclear report that moment runs in battle total dimensions is equivalent to nuclear power plant of 20 Daya Bay.
Yan Aiguo introduces, prospect of market of domestic nucleus cable is very capacious, but want to share " a cup of a thick soup " be not easy thing. Long-term since, as a result of the difference of technical respect, no matter homebred decelerate machine is function or dependability all cannot be rivalled with foreign product, cannot enter nuclear report more such high-end domain.
Kong Xia of director of center of research and development of technology of peaceful grand group tells a reporter, nuclear report asks with decelerate machine precision very tall, design life, bear the weight of bear must achieve 40 years respectively, 7000 kilowatt, and at present general industry uses decelerate machine highest life and the biggest bear the weight of bear has 10 years only, 4000 kilowatt, producing nuclear report to use decelerate machine is a very big challenge to the enterprise,
For this, the group fluctuates hammer and tongs, throw 260 million yuan to undertake technical reformation and innovation early or late. Organized the top expert of industry of machine of slowdown of many 10 country technically still, hold water to tackle key problem technically group. Through nearly one year experiment repeatedly, this year in May, the nuclear report of peaceful grand uses program of technology of device decelerate machine and technological process, got United States of contractor of project of cable of nucleus of red edge river Foss of the company approbate, enter report of this international nucleus smoothly the whole world of supplier of whole set of equipment purchases alignment. In the course Foss company early or late 5 after be stationed in a factory to examine, machine of peaceful grand decelerate will take the first order form of industry of Chinese nucleus cable eventually August.
Yan Aiguo says, foss the order of the company, be just like is open entrance door of form a complete set of report of domestic international nucleus " the key " . Only home market this one, according to national nucleus report in long-term plan, to 2020, the nucleus that place of nuclear power plant needs uses device decelerate machine to cover the left and right sides in 400 about, volume of annual form a complete set is in 50 million yuan of above. More important is, tai Longkai sends the actual strength that nuclear report shows with decelerate machine, had drawn international nucleus report the A Ersi of number one supplier of whole set of equipment tells a company, machine of peaceful grand decelerate marchs market of international nucleus cable leaves time question only.
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