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Project of force drive IPO goes well east
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Before collect capital project does not have put into production, east force drive of 85% advocate battalion income comes from industry of Yu Ye gold, the investment of metallurgy industry is fluctuant manage to the company have certain effect.

From the point of historical experience, company business income carried stable growth state, add fast maintain all the time in 20% to 30% between, fluctuant rate loses to invest at steely industry fixed assets apparently. 2006, investment of steely industry fixed assets is added compared to the same period fast it is only 2.28% , although to company business growth caused certain effect (the company is added fast for 20.08% , for in recent years lowest is added fast) , but company income still showed the fluctuation with more inferior than metallurgy industry photograph, besides the company still 15% result from other industry, we think the reason of backside may depend on the structural sex that steely industry fixed assets invests. Steely industry fixed assets invests besides build investment to still include to transform investment newlier.

Because gear is easy bad news,taste, average life is in 3 to 5 years, besides the demand that builds steely product line to bring, still have very big one part originates transform demand newlier, although the big environment that steely estate fixed assets invests is restricted to fall in the country, transform newlier inevitable, especially old steel mill is produced can produce to small steel mill can in replacing a process, still can have particular demand to gear. So, although the industrial policy of steely industry is right east the business of force drive is influential, but degree is finite.

Collect capital project goes well

IPO project is crucial to the development of the company, it is to solve above all produce can bottleneck, it is to optimize product structure next.

The company is faced with all the time produce can insufficient problem, especially high-power burden gear case. 2008 first half of the year, the company is modular gear case of burden of decelerate electric machinery, high-power, small-sized reducer maintained fast growth momentum.

If according to modular decelerate electric machinery 5600 yuan / stage, small-sized reducer 5800 yuan / gear case of burden of stage, high-power twenty-nine thousand one hundred yuan / ton computation, 3 business produced the company respectively 2007 26590, 17217, 3689 tons, produce can utilization rate all exceeded 100% . The company changes through ability and outside assist wait for means to alleviate produce can insufficient while, certainly will raises manufacturing cost, reduce the gain capacity of business.

In project of company collect capital modular high spirit reducer and project of high-power burden gear case predict to was mixed in September 2008 respectively will build in Feburary 2009, if include,statistic is in before the reducer of standard hard tooth flank in small-sized reducer business, the company is modular 2008 income of implementation of business of high spirit reducer will exceed 40 million yuan. Enlarge permits large burden gear case the project will begin go into operation from 2009, amount to to 2011 produce, new increase production measures 6300 tons.
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