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2 years accumulative total production value passes 100 million " Great Wall dece
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One kind uses device of extensive homebred pharmacy agitate horary power consumption is as high as 200 kilowatt, machine of decelerate of Zhejiang Great Wall limited company innovates through the technology, make its power consumption drops 30% to 50% , production value of 2 years of accumulative total after putting in the market exceeds 100 million yuan. Yesterday, this company president anxiety earths up clear dew to say, just about with roll out this kind ceaselessly " alone door recipe " , make this company is become finally " constitutor of countrywide occupation standard " , come true thereby span type develops.

"Machine of Great Wall decelerate " the company is founded 1981, at first major is engaged in the design of decelerate machine, production, from on 90 time begin the century march design of equipment of whole set agitate and make, its product application involves the 10 large trades such as pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection.

Pharmacy trade is quite large to the demand of agitate equipment, among them, hold <> concurrently aerate the standard form that takes mechanical mix again ferments coal tub use is most widespread, use extensively at the manufacturing domain such as antibiotic, but the tradition that home produces ferments equipment power consumption is breathtaking, and entrance equipment price very costly.

If some kind of bacteriophage is in manufacturing process, ferment coal tub needs 7 night 7 days to run continuously, homebred tradition ferments horary power consumption is as high as coal tub 200 kilowatt, manufacturing cost is quite high. 2006, this company captured first our city technology innovates priority discipline " pharmacy ferments the development of dasher key technology and equipment " , give birth to manufacturing new facility power consumption to need 100 kilowatt only to 150 kilowatt, and price far under congener entrance equipment, pharmacy company needs a flower to import equipment to run the charge of electricity of a few months only, can buy this kind of new facility. After the product puts in the market, demand exceeds supply, only production value of this one 2 years of accumulative total exceeds 100 million yuan, and apply a proof through a large number of successful industry, this technology reached domestic banner level.

This covers the leader of research and development of new facility, it is Dr. Zhou Guozhong that this company introduces from university of Beijing chemical industry. Current, the most crucial part in system of innovation of this company technology, it is the center of provincial company technology that is in charge of by Zhou Guozhong. This company throws 5% sale every year the job of research and development of new product, invest 500 come to 10 thousand yuan build agitate lab. In Zhou Guozhong drive, 2007, this company finished Zhejiang to save technical innovation priority discipline " flue gas to decoke absorbs a tower special mixer " , already had a large number of promotion application at present, accumulative total production value exceeds many yuan 5000. The near future, this company still finished Zhejiang province to answer technical trade barrier technology tackles key problem project " the research of technology of control of agitate equipment specific power consumption is developed " , participate in 2 " 863 " priority discipline, assume 1 independently " 863 " project.
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