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"Peaceful grand " decelerate machine makes our country nuclear power plant prod
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French A Ersi understands company technology authority Mr Kaitelai and peaceful grand group come to an agreement, the one-time value that order 20 million yuan decelerate machine, use at its be about to bear the river of Liaoning red edge that build and Fujian Ning De the construction of two nucleuses power station. This is power station of our country nucleus uses homebred decelerate machine first.
In recent years, peaceful grand group raises the content of science and technology of the product ceaselessly, enlarge domestic and international market. Last year, peaceful grand group throws 176 million yuan, purchased the advanced equipment of Germany, Austria, Japan, Russia and Denmark. In the meantime, peaceful grand group and international one of 500 strong companies, " world tire king " company of French Mi Jilin begins a technology to cooperate, successful development produced steel shade line whole set of equipment, its technology achieved international advanced level. With Buddhist nun of dimension of lay mines of Italy of tycoon of world decelerate machine the company is joint-stock, buddhist nun of dimension of manufacturing lay mines machine of planetary series decelerate. In project of satellite of month of visit of our country goddess in the moon, decelerate machine also uses peaceful grand card to dog in the satellite first ocean is measured accuse butt joint of boat, double star to launch a car to go up. 2007, below the circumstance that in the Yuan Fucai such as rolled steel, cast, cast iron makings price rises ceaselessly, this group achieves sales revenue 1.33 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 30.67% . Duty of turn over to the higher authorities is expended 100 million multivariate, rank income of tax of state of company of battalion of peaceful city citizen the 3rd.