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Waerte enables new label to value development China market
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On September 6, 2008, global tool supplier covers with tiles Er does not have stannum in its especially the enterprise label system with brand-new group was released inside the company. Take the opportunity, waerte announced the new target of the company: Arrive namely 2010, waerte year of turnover of the company will achieve 1 billion euro.
It is reported, the company founds Waerte 1919, began to develop cutting tool of cutting of hard alloy metal 1926, father covers with tiles Er spy gentleman has 200 multinomial and patent technologies inside this one domain, and cover with tiles Er spy company grows inside this one domain all the time up to now, already fashioned product of whole set cutting tool up to now, its but type cutting tool applies dislocation extensively to wait for manufacturing industry and of all kinds machining course of study at car, plane. Cover with tiles Er spy company is one of companies of well-known production of hard alloy tool on the world. And Waerte (without stannum) limited company is Waerte the sole subsidiary that the company establishs in China, basically be produced in China and manage Waerte of all kinds cutting tool and management tile Er are special grinding machine of tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage. So far, cover with tiles Er spy company owns 17 subsidiary in global limits, cover with tiles Er spy company basically has two kinds of big products, namely: One kind is hard alloy but dislocation cutting tool, include car, mill, auger, of all kinds cutting tool and cutting tool add enlarge, boring. Another kind is Waerte grinding machine of tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage.
3 close for one
According to introducing, waerte is in previously and bought Titex, Prototyp after two brands, those who carry out is much brand strategy, namely the group of 3 brands is a polymerization the user provides product and service. Henceforth, waerteji's round company brand will be incorporated by 3 original it is, had blended in former Walter, Titex and Proto Juan typ3 namely the brand-new Waerte of the brand.
In new brand, "WALTER " of literal left trichromatic perpendicular, green is indicative former Walter, gules and indicative former Titex, and yellow is indicative former Prototyp, these 3 kinds of color comprise Waerte together the fundamental key of new form.
In new brand strategy, product brand of Waerte still is 3. According to observation, the product label of Walter product expresses as round as Waerteji label to agree, and Titex product brand and Prototyp product brand are in Waerteji's round enterprise respectively the red that indicative and respective brand uses below the label is yellow perhaps lubricious label Titex and Prototyp. In new system, walterTitex represented broach, and Wal Juan TerPrototyp represented thread tool and milling cutter.
Peter says, the enterprise label with new group is representing Waerteji to cover with tiles the transition of Er spy company. Waerte will aim to become the client's partner, research and development gives lubricious solution, realize the client's hope. Wanted to understand the client's expectation only, waerte is OK and affirmatory most the application of effective and production are politic.
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